Welcome to easipetcare Corby!

Vaccination Clinic

Our easipetcare clinic in Corby offers neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and more, all at our low, low prices!

We are available:
Every Thursday, 12PM – 5PM

The Corby vaccination clinic runs every Thursday between 12PM – 5PM where we operate a walk-in service; no appointment is necessary.

We have some amazing prices available with vaccinations from only £9.50!  Or you can sign up to our easivac+ scheme and cover your pet’s vaccinations for life for only £65!

Microchipping is so important to the long-term happiness of both you and your pet – we offer this service for only £10.

So what are you waiting for? Discover easipetcare Corby today.

Clinic Prices

easivac+ a lifetime of protection – £65


All vaccinations are given by a fully qualified Vet, and all pets receive a full health check. Our vaccines are the same brand and quality as used at many other vets, just at a fraction of the cost! And because we believe that vaccinations matter we’ve made every puppy and kittens second vaccination absolutely Free!*

Whether it is your pets annual booster, or their very first vaccination, whatever their age, it doesn’t matter, every pet is welcome.
We can vaccinate dogs from 6 weeks old, cats from 8 weeks and small furries from 5 weeks old.
Give your pet the protection it deserves, at the price you deserve!

*As long as the first vaccine has also been purchased at an easipetcare vaccination clinic

Service Price
easivac+ £65

Vaccinations – From £9.50


All our vaccinations are given with a free health check, and no appointment is necessary, so no excuses!

Please get your pet protected and keep up with the booster – we will be reminding you year after year!

We can vaccinate dogs from 6 weeks of age.

Dog Vaccination Price
First vaccination £25
Second vaccination Free
Annual booster £20
Annual booster and kennel cough vaccination £25
Kennel cough vaccination £9.50

We can vaccinate cats from 8 weeks of age against flu, enteritis and leukaemia.

Cat Vaccination Price
First vaccination £25
Second vaccination Free
Annual booster £20

We can vaccinate against flu and enteritis from 9 weeks of age.

Flu and Enteritis Vaccination Price
First vaccination £20
Second vaccination Free
Annual booster £15


Rabbits and Small Furry Vaccination Price
Myxomatosis and Haemorrhagic disease (HVD) £25

Microchipping – £10


You’ll never be home alone – microchipping is the best way to get your pet back!

Service Price
Microchipping £10

You can find our clinic at:

2 Wood Street,
NN17 1PT

01536 415775