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Puppy and Kitten Starter Pack – Incredible Price

Puppy and Kitten Starter Pack

Our Puppy and Kitten Packs are just one example of our pet-tastic prices!

Service Price
Cats and Kittens £47
Dogs and Puppies £47

Included in these money saving bundles of pet care are:

  • Initial full vaccination course
  • Microchip
  • Worm and a flea treatment
  • 4 weeks free insurance (only for pets under 12 months old)
  • 10% off neutering voucher
Vaccinations – From £20


All our vaccinations are given with a free health check, and no appointment is necessary, so no excuses! Please get your pet protected and keep up with the boosters… we will be reminding you year after year!

We can vaccinate dogs from 6 weeks of age, cats from 9 weeks of age and small furries from 5 weeks of age.

Service Price
First vaccination for your cuddly kitten against flu enteritis and leukaemia- 2 injections (From 8 weeks of age) £25 each
First vaccination against flu & enteritis only – 2 injections (From 9 weeks of age) £22 each
Cats’ annual boosters against flu enteritis and leukaemia £25 each
Cats’ annual boosters against flu & enteritis only £20 each
Puppy’s first vaccinations – against everything your perfect puppy could wish for: 2 injections £25 each
Dogs’ annual booster £25 each
Dogs’ booster and kennel cough vaccination £37.50 each
Kennel cough vaccination alone £20 each
Rabbit vaccination – myxomatosis and Haemorrhagic disease (HVD) £30 each
Rabies vaccination £35 each
Pet passport (including rabies vaccination) £72 each

For more information on travelling with your pet abroad, please visit the DEFRA website.

Neutering – From £25


This really is one of the fields in which we at easipetcare excel. Our dedicated and caring team at easipetcare have neutered over ten thousand pets in the last few years. We don’t believe you’ll get a more experienced team or a better price. All surgical procedures are by appointment please – So please give us a ring and let’s choose a day to suit you.

Neutering your pet really does make them happier and healthier, and it really does stop problems later on. If you would like any advice at all, please pop in and have a chat – we are here to help.

We can neuter cats and dogs from 12 weeks of age. Female dogs can be spayed at any time, as long as they are not in season. There is no need to let them have a first season before spaying. There are no upper age limits to neutering, but we do recommend that pets over the age of 8 years have a pre anaesthetic blood test, which is an additional cost. Please speak to a member of staff for further details.

Our prices are:

Service Price Now
Cat castration £34* *offer price £25 if aged 12-20 weeks
Dog castration (up to 10kgs) £45*
Dog castration (10 to 20kgs) £55*
Dog castration (20 to 40kgs) £65*
Dog castration over 40kgs £75*
Dog castration any size *Offer price £30 if aged 12-20 weeks
Cat spay £42* *offer price £35 if aged 12-20 weeks
Bitch spay (up to 10kgs) £100*
Bitch spay (10 to 20 kgs) £120*
Bitch spay (20 to 40kgs) £130*
Bitch spay over 40kgs £145*
Bitch spay any size *Offer price £80 if aged 12-20 weeks

* Early neutering special price, only for pets aged 12-20 weeks as recommended by leading animal welfare charities including the RSPCA.

* all prices include:

  • Premed
  • General anaesthetic and surgery and antibiotic injection
  • Onsior injection (Onsior is one of the best post operative pain relief drugs)
  • Onsior tablets to go home with (except the boy cats who only need an injection
  • Free buster collar if required
  • Post operative checks
  • Stitches out

We have not included here any additional post operative appointments or treatments because they are so very rarely required.

We at easipetcare are working with local animal charities to try to ensure as many pets are neutered as possible, and hence reduce the numbers of unplanned kittens and puppies looking for good homes.

If you have difficulty affording the above prices, we can offer RSPCA assistance for those on receipt of benefits for the neutering of your Staffie, Bull terrier type or large breed (e.g. Rottweiler). For further information about this scheme please have a chat with one of the easipetcare team and we’ll guide you towards getting a voucher to help with the cost.

We can neuter all small furries from 3 months of age.

Service Price
Rabbit Spay £40
Rabbit Castration £30
Guinea pig castration £40
Ferret castration £27.50
Ferret vasectomy £50
Ferret spay £45
Consultations & Treatments – Affordable for all

Consultations & Treatments

Consultations are all carried out by our talented vets and incredible nurses and no appointment is necessary.

Service Price
1st consultation £22
2nd consultation £19.50
MOT for slightly senior furry friends including health check & blood test for internal organ function £40
365 Pet Care Plan – Spreading the costs

The Easy Way To Care For Your Pet In Simple,Low Monthly Instalments

easipetcare are the UK’s leading provider of low cost veterinary care. Our 365 Pet Care Plan allows you to spread the cost of caring for the pet you are passionate about.

You love your pet and your pet loves you back . That’s why you’ll want to plan for their essential healthcare throughout the year at a low and affordable cost. Our 365 Pet Care Plan allows you to spread the cost of caring for the pet you are passionate about.

The 365 Pet Care Plan is NOT an insurance policy. It is an affordable way to spread the cost of your pet’s essential healthcare saving you up 40% throughout the year.


What is included in the plan?

As the UK’s leading low costs vets who care, you’d expect our prices to be affordable but with our 365 Pet Care Plan, the value is exceptional. The Plan includes:

  • Annual Vaccination
  • Flea treatment for dogs and cats for 12 months
  • Worming for dogs and cats for 12 months
  • Fly Strike protection for rabbits
  • Parasite protection for rabbits
  • A six monthly check up
  • Free microchip
  • Free Kennel Cough Vaccination ( if required)
  • 20% off Consultation Fees
  • 10% off Neutering
  • 10% off Dental Treatment


Start Saving Immediately

As soon as you join the plan you start saving money. After your first month’s fee is paid at the practice, you can sit back and relax with your monthly direct debits covering all the essential healthcare your pet needs to stay happy and healthy.

Monthly Payment Price
Small Dog up to 10KG £11.50 each
Medium Dog 10-20kG £12.50 each
Large Dog 20-40KG £13.50 each
XL Dog 40+KG £16.50 each
Cat £10.50 each
Rabbit £7.50 each

“What a relief! With the 365 Pet Care Plan all of Benji’s essential healthcare treatments are covered every month, I just don’t need to worry about his health or the costs. And should Benji need any extra veterinary attention then I have a team of professionals I can rely on at prices I can afford – thank you easipetcare.”

- Benji-easipetcare customer

For more information download the 365 Pet Care Plan leaflet and contact us with any questions you may have.

To sign-up you will need to visit the practice and speak to a member of the easipetcare team who will provide you with an application form.

Terms and conditions apply

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Ultrasound Diagnostics

As with all easipetcare services we have invested in this technology for the clinical benefit of your previous pet without the high prices of traditional vets practices.

Service Price
Diagnostics £57.74
Pregnancy £42
Bunny Starter Pack – Amazing value!

Bunny Starter Pack

Our Bunny starter pack is just

and includes:

  • Initial full vaccination course (New combi rabbit vaccine offering full yearly protection against Myxo and HVD)
  • Full health check from the vet
  • Microchip
  • Parasite treatment- E Cuniculi (using Panacur rabbit)
  • Money off pet store vouchers (not at Chatham or Reading branches)
  • 4 weeks free insurance
  • 10% off neutering voucher
Health, Dental and Weight Checks – FREE!

Health, Dental and Weight Checks

As vets we know that many illnesses and conditions would not become serious if they were caught at an early stage. By simply following your pet’s essential healthcare needs and the advice of our qualified veterinary nurse,you can help keep your pet in tip-top condition.

At our FREE Pet Health Checks, our qualified veterinary nurses cover the following areas:

  • Flea check
  • Worm check
  • Weight check
  • Dietary advice
  • Dental hygiene check
  • Basic behavior advice
  • Vaccination advice

Should your pet require any simple procedures such as a nail clip, anal gland expression, microchip or tick removal, they can be provided by the veterinary nurse at our low costs.

There is no need to book – just turn up during our walk in clinic times for your FREE Pet Health Check .

** Applies to dogs, cats and furries only.

Flea, Worm and Other Pesky Parasite Checks – FREE

Flea, Worm and Other Pesky Parasite Checks – FREE

Let’s talk fleas, worms and every pesky parasite out there !

At easipetcare we offer a wide range of effective and affordable parasite protection for your precious pet. From fleas, ticks, mites and lice to every type of worm including lungworm, round worms and tape worms – we have got you covered.

So bring along your pet for a FREE Parasite Check with one of our lovely nurses.

There is more than one way to ensure your pet is rid of these persistent pests and we offer £7 monthly sprays against fleas and ticks. Ask one of our knowledgeable staff members and let us help you keep your perfect pet parasite free.

Don’t forget if you join the amazing 365 Pet Care Plan ALL parasite prevention is included all year round as well as your pet’s other essential health care.

Microchipping – As cheap as chips!


Microchipping £15 (you’ll never be home alone – microchipping is the best way to get your pet back!)

Nail clipping – Amazing value

Nail clipping

Nail trimming is an important part of a regular grooming routine and we offer this service for just £6.

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"My family and i have used easipetcare for some time now, not just because of the prices but because of the caring attitude your vets had towards rodents. Your vet, Anthony, recently performed a spay on our rabbit, the successful operation and the post-operative care were all strikingly good. He has the reassuring manner that is found in only the most able professionals. "

Adrian Jordan



"I can’t express enough how impressed we were and are of your easipetcare Reading team and their professionalism. We have had many pets and had my different situations with them and never had we been treated with such compassion."