Advanced Pet Care

For when your pet requires extra special attention

Advanced pet careIt is our absolute belief that every pet deserves the very best care and that price should not be a barrier. To enable us to fully deliver on our low-cost promise, we team up with West Midlands Referrals!

West Midlands Referrals

West Midlands Referrals are committed to bringing the highest level of advanced pet care, at the best possible price – with or without insurance.

They have the experience, skill set and equipment to manage a very wide range of advanced orthopaedic surgery, as well as advanced care for ophthalmological, medical and dermatological problems. Having been working in veterinary referrals for many years, they deliver the highest standards of animal care. However, whilst many of their competitors offer these services at a considerable premium, West Midlands Referrals pride themselves on offering affordable advanced care – making them the perfect referral partner for easipetcare!

What’s more, West Midlands Referrals can be found on the RSA’s Preferred Provider Network (one of the UK’s leading pet insurers covering Tesco and More Than pet insurance) – that has to be a measure of the excellent care they offer.

Essential and advanced healthcare

This all means that we can offer a complete package of essential and advanced healthcare at the fantastically affordable prices you have come to expect from easipetcare.

Advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic pet care services are currently available at our Chatham, DartfordDerbyKettering, Streatham and Reading easipetcare practices.

Our services cover all of the following:

Orthopaedic Pet Care and Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer both orthopaedic surgery and advanced soft tissue surgery with our expert surgeons operating at easipetcare as required.

Should your easipetcare vet diagnose the need for Advanced Pet Care surgery, after discussing the diagnosis and options with you, we can book in the procedure; oversee the pre and post care of your pet and liaise with the expert surgeon.

You and your pet on the day of surgery will come into the practice that you both know, you will see the dedicated easipetcare vet and support team you both know, and your pet will receive the highest standards of expertise and care from our recommended expert surgeon.

How much will it cost?

If these procedures are covered by pet insurance, we will manage all the communication with your insurers for authorisation, so you can focus on looking after your pet.

Should you not have health insurance, our prices for any orthopaedic or advanced soft tissue surgery are considerably cheaper than many other vets. Ask around and see!

To find out more call 023 8078 3000 today.

Advanced X-ray

Advanced X-Ray Pet Consultation

When your pet presents with symptoms you are concerned about, our vets will use the digital x-ray facilities at our practice, where appropriate, to diagnose and advise treatment.

Because we know how much your pet means to you we leave no stone unturned. Should your vet have any concerns about what is seen in the x-ray, we can recommend an x-ray consultation service – just as your doctor would recommend a consultation with an expert.