Dystocia During Birth – Honey the Labrador

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c-section complications in dogsMeet Honey and her babies ‘Cookie’ & ‘Chloe’!
Honey Presented to us after she had given birth naturally to ‘Cookie’ at home. Her owners became very worried after she had been struggling to give birth (dystocia) to her next pup. Not wanting her to suffer her owners phoned us and they came straight down.

After an examination by our Veterinary Surgeon Iulian he felt that she had a puppy stuck in her birth canal, which meant we had to go straight to surgery to perform a cesarean section to remove the puppy which was stuck.Unfortunately the puppy which was stuck in the birth canal didn’t make it. But we delivered one healthy puppy who we named ‘Chloe’.

Mum and puppies are doing really well, Honey has taken to being a new mum very well and wont let her babies out of her sight for very long. We cannot wait to see them grow with us!

There are many factors that can cause Dystocia, the most obvious being if the puppies are larger than normal, this can happen if there are just a couple of pups and they have lots of room to grow. There are also factors that predispose dogs to Dystocia such as age, obesity and sudden changes in their environment prior to going into labour.

Signs of Dystocia in dogs:
• More than two hours without any puppies being born
• Green discharge from the vagina without puppies having been born
• More than two hours have passed between puppies
• She is continually straining for a few minutes with a puppy or fluid-filled bubble stuck in the birth canal
• She has intense contractions for more than 20 minutes without a puppy being born
• She is depressed, lethargic or her body temperature is more than 39.4°C (103°F)
• Blood is coming from the vagina and has been for more than 10 minutes
• Puppy is in the breech position (Tail first not front feet first)

If you have a Bitch in labour and think there is an issue please phone your vets asap!

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