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Low Cost Vets in Streatham!

Our outstanding team of veterinary surgeons are here to bring to you and your pet the best possible care at the best possible price. We have a hugely experienced team, and we would like to introduce you to them.

Head of Practice

Julie Knapton

Julie has a background in International Removals and Shipping Management but has always felt a strong pull into animal care so made the change when easipetcare Streatham opened up. She has a passion for rabbit welfare, wildlife and walking. Julie’s favourite animal is a rabbit but find out more in Julie’s Q&A here.

Our Vets


Katie graduated from Liverpool Veterinary School in July 2017 but is originally from South East London. Katie has been working in vets since she was 14 years old and has a wealth of experience working with a variety of animals like at Heathrow Airport where she encountered lots of different species including a shipment of baby leopards and a family of lemurs!

In her spare time she enjoys swimming, scuba diving, travelling and singing in a choir. Find out more about Katie in our Q&A with Katie here.


Tony is our American vet with an interest in small furries and surgery. He graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2014 and also holds a Biology degree from New Mexico State University.

In his free time he enjoys playing with his two ferrets James and Cara. It’s no surprise that Tony’s favourite animal is a ferret but find out more in our Q&A with Tony here.

Polish speaking vets StreathamMarta

Marta qualified in Poland in March 2016 and spent a couple of years in practice specialising in the equine field. After realising this wasn’t the route she wanted to go down she moved to the UK with her Fiancé and started practising in the small animal field.

Marta started at easipetcare in October 2018 to complete our team of 3 vets. We have a strong Polish community here in South London and although the majority of our Polish clients have exceptional English skills, veterinary vocabulary can often be quite new and confusing.  So her ability to explain complex conditions to these clients is fully appreciated and welcomed by both client and easipetcare.

Our Nurses

Kelly – Student Veterinary Nurse

Kelly started at easipetcare in 2016 as an Animal Nursing Assistant with aspirations to become a Registered Veterinary Nurse which she is now training for. She has always had a keen interest in the welfare of animals even before coming to easipetcare. She used to work for a company that specialised in walking dogs with behavioural problems and also volunteered at an animal sanctuary in Thailand.
Kelly is also a musician performing in various bands around the UK. If Kelly wasn’t an ANA she would have loved to have been a singer songwriter but find out more in our Q&A with Kelly here.

Debbie – Registered Veterinary Nurse

Debbie joined us in March and has years of experience in the veterinary industry.

She is an advocate for marine conservation and her favourite animal is a wale. Find out about Debbie in our Q&A with Debbie here.

Our Receptionists



Layla is our receptionist. She has many years of experience working in the veterinary industry including hydrotherapy.
She has a keen interest in the behavioural and dietary aspect of animals. Layla shares her life with her pack of dogs including Siberian Huskies and Czechoslovakian Vlcaks and also has a love for ferrets and cats. Find out more about Layla in our Q&A with Layla here.

best vets in south LondonMartyna

Martyna is our full-time receptionist. She has always loved animals, especially dogs (and wild cats!). She doesn’t have any pets of her own in London but whenever she goes home to her parents she has two poodles and a ginger cat waiting for her :-). Find out more about Martyna in our Q&A with Martyna here.


Joanne joins us as a part-time receptionist looking to renew her desire to work with animals.  After leaving school she completed a BTEC in Animal Management Level 3 but got side-tracked into working in different areas. Receptionists have a lot of questions fired at them every day so her training should really help her with all those phon ecalls! Find out more about Joanne in our Q&A with Joanne here.