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Welcome to easipetcare the No1 Best Seller of low cost veterinary care

easipetcare is on a mission to help every pet owner have low cost superior pet care including a lung worm free pet!

Infection with lungworm is seen in both dogs, and cats (yes, although it is often recognised as a parasite of dogs it can affect our dear cats as well) and can cause serious illness if not diagnosed and treated.

What we also know is that we can keep our pet completely protected against lungworm by regular use of two superior products Milbemax and Advocate.

The fabulous 365 Pet Care Plan at our main centres (Kettering, Reading, Chatham and Burton) includes these two products and this means that for as little as 36 pence a day you absolutely know your pet is parasite free!!

The 365 Pet Care Plan includes long term freedom from lungworm and can save you up to 40% a year by spreading the costs of caring for your cat, rabbit or dog. Knowing that your pet will have its essential health care covered will give you peace of mind and most importantly ensure that your pet is happy and healthy throughout the year.

You can pop along to any of our main centres or vaccination clinics to pick up your Milbemax and Advocate, where our vets will check the weight of your pet to give the correct dosage.  At our main centres you can also bring your pet along for a free pet health check where our lovely veterinary nurses will ensure your even lovelier  pet is in tip-top condition and dispense these products to keep those lungworms at bay.

We truly value your support which has been utterly amazing and made us the UKs leading provider of low cost veterinary care.

Thank you all so much;  it’s you and your pets that are the key to easipetcare’s success.

love, best wishes and Happy Easter



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