Welcome to easipetcare!

staff-judy-founderAt easipetcare we care about keeping your pets happy and healthy. This means offering the highest standards of care with prices affordable for everyone.

We are proud to consistently offer prices amongst the lowest in the UK with a standard of care that is never compromised. So you can benefit from the right care for your pet, at the right price for you.

That’s what easipetcare is all about!

We truly value each and every one of our lovely clients and their precious pets. Thank you for your continued support!

Love and best wishes,

Judy Walker and your easipetcare team xxx

Have you discovered the ‘Low Cost Vets Who Care’ yet?

Watch our little superstar Spike (and friends) on his journey through our practice to see first-hand from a dog’s point of view what we’re all about! Visit your local easipetcare practice and this could be your happy & healthy pet benefiting from our friendly & affordable service! Enjoy!