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Cats Protection neutering vouchers

Neutering is the only effective way to control the number of unplanned kittens being born and becomming unwanted cats of tomorrow... but the procedure can put you out of pocket. That's why the Cats Protection offer neutering vouchers to encourage you to get your beloved furry friends neutered..... and here at easipetacre we're more than willing to accept them! Find out how to apply and if you could be eligible.

Voucher elegibility

The guidelines for eligibility for neutering assistance apply to one or more of the following; receipt of certain means-tested benefits, low household income (£20,000 or less inc any benefits) , full-time students living away from home, state-only pension and pension credit. Proof of eligibility will be required by the vet in order to participate in the scheme. This can be in the form of a benefits agency letter, wage slip, proof of full-time student status or bank statement.


In order to find out if you qualify for neutering assistance and to obtain a voucher, please get in touch with your local Cats Protection branch (use the Find Us tool to find the nearest branch to you or contact the National Neutering Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 (Mon-Fri 9:30am to 1pm).


We accept Cats Protection vouchers

Once you have received your voucher from Cats Protection you will need to call us to book in for your cat's neutering procedure. Unfortnately surgical procedures cannot be booked through our online booking tool. 


Find out everything you need to know about the neutering procedure and recovery here.

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