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Our pet care prices are among the lowest in the UK!

Low cost vets who care

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the UK without compromising on your pet’s care.

Our prices really do have to be seen to be believed!

Prices last updated 21.08.23 however please check with the practice for a quote.

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Consultations are all carried out by our talented vets and incredible nurses. 

Vet Consultations £55.00
Nurse Consultations £29.99
Micro-chipping £35.00
Nail clipping £25.00
Ultrasound - please speak to us for an estimate  
Insurance admin fee £40.00
Prescription fee £24.00


*Please note that additional services may be recommended which will incur a cost. Dependent on your pet’s condition, we may need to advise you to see a vet which will incur a consultation fee.


Kitten's 1st vaccinations - 2 injections required (price per injection) £59.99 each
Cats' annual booster £59.99 each
Puppy's 1st vaccinations - 2 injections required (price per injection) £59.99 each
Dogs' annual booster £59.99
Kennel cough vaccination £59.99
Rabbit vaccination - Myxomatosis RHD Plus  £85.00
Rabies vaccination £95.00


Cat Castration £85.00
Dog castration (up to 25kg) £230.00
Dog castration (over 25kg) £289.00
Cat spay £112.00
Bitch spay (up to 25kg) £340.00
Bitch spay (over 25kg) £395.00
Rabbit spay £175.00
Rabbit castration £130.00
Small Mammal castration £99.00
Ferret castration £99.00
Ferret vasectomy £160.00
Ferret spay £128.00

All surgical procedures are by appointment, and prices include; premed, general anaesthetic, antibiotic injection, Metacam injection, Metacam liquid to go home with (except the boy cats who only need an injection), post operative checks and stitch removal.

Flea & worm

Please note that these products are only available from vets and are prescription medicines. This means that your pet needs to be seen annually in order for us to re-prescribe them to you. If you want to see a vet to prescribe flea and worming products we charge a POVM fee of £19.94

Dog (up to 4kg) from £11.91
Dog (4kg to 10kg) from £12.91
Dog (10kg to 25kg) from £14.17
Dog (25kg to 40kg) from £17.13
Cat (up to 4kg) from £11.71
Cat (4kg to 8kg) from £11.96

Worm treatment - various products available. Please discuss the best option for your precious pet with one of our vets 

Flea Treatment - various products available. Please speak to a member of the team

Fur-bulous healthcare plans

Healthy start

Healthy start

Only £65!



Only £180!

365 Pet Care Plan

365 Pet Care Plan

From £10.50 per month

Nurse wellness screenings

Nurse wellness screenings

MOT for adult cats and dogs - only £85!

Procedures and Services

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