Advanced Pet Care

We are delighted to offer advanced care at a lower price than traditional vet practices.

Advanced Pet Care

When your precious pet requires care that goes that one step further, we have access to a bank of external certificate holders who are able to perform more advanced surgeries.

They have the experience, skill set and equipment to manage a very wide range of advanced orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery. Having worked within veterinary referrals for many years they deliver the high standard of animal care that your precious pet deserves.

Here are some of the procedures they are able to perform within our easipetcare practices.

Cruciate repairs


This is where a tear of the ligament within the knee occurs. Symptoms of this are often limping on the back leg after exercise, especially when climbing stairs or jumping on or off objects.


Cruciate repairs are achieved by changing the angle of the knee so the ligament is no longer needed.


There is also sometimes damage to the cartilage within the knee which may also need to be removed.

Patella (kneecap) repairs

Kneecap issues usually present with a dog that is hopping on the back leg for a few steps whilst running – this then returns to normal after a few moments.


This hopping is due to the kneecap popping out of its normal grooves and getting stuck. This eventually works its way back into the grooves, hence the dog returns to normal. The surgery to repair this issue involves deepening the groove and changing the angle of the ligament joining the kneecap.



As our beloved pets are often getting up to mischief it’s not uncommon for us to see a fracture or two! Our external team are able to tackle a whole range of these.

Total ear canal ablation

These are rescue procedures performed in dogs with chronic ear problems. The procedure involves removal of the whole ear canal which therefore removes the source of the ear inflammation.

Laterall wall resections


These are also rescue procedures performed in dogs with chronic ear problems. In these cases the sidewall of the ear is removed to allow more air to enter the ear canal, reducing inflammation and widening the canal.

BOAS surgery

(Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome)


BOAS is most commonly seen in breeds such as French and English Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekinese and Shih Tzus, due to their compact skeleton and skull, excess skin and issues with restricted.


The most common surgeries consist of 2 parts: one to increase the airflow in the throat and the other to increase the airflow through the nasal cavities.


Surgery can greatly improve the quality of life for such breeds with an improved life expectancy and heat tolerance, improved sleep and a greater ability to exercise!

Advanced X-ray consultation

If our vets feel they need a more expert opinion on your pet’s x-ray diagnosis, we have the facility to refer to our recognised radiology specialist partners.


They will consider your pet’s x-rays and provide an in-depth diagnosis and associated treatment plan.


This service ensures we are using the widest possible resources to recommend the most appropriate treatment plans for your beloved pet, without any delay.


Your vet will discuss the additional costs with you during your consultation.

How do I book?

Should your easipetcare vet diagnose the need for a more advanced procedure, they will discuss the diagnosis and treatment options with you before booking your pet in for their surgery.


They will oversee the pre and post-operative care of your precious pet and liaise with the external surgeon.


All procedures will be performed within your local easipetcare practice, unless we recommend otherwise.


We are able to accept referrals from local vets too, so get in touch today!

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