How to Keep Your Pet Entertained

Dear easipetcare friends,

The summer holidays are coming to a close which means that it is time for you, your family – and your furry friend – to get back into a routine. As you prepare for those early mornings and busy afternoons, here are some helpful tips from easipetcare founder Judy Walker, to keep your cats and dogs entertained while you’re away at work

Kittens & Puppies

“Pets are really a 4 legged furry person – their needs changing depending on their age. A puppy or kitten really should not be left for any more than a very short period – they haven’t learnt the house rules (as in – don’t eat the cushions or climb the curtains!) and they don’t have that much control over their bladder… So unless you want a wet floor – be there!”

You should also think about whether or not there are any dangers that your pet might run into in the home. Even a string that’s used to open and close the blinds can be a threat to a cat or small dog if they get their neck tangled in it. These hazards are especially important to think about if your pet is left at home alone for long periods of time.

Adult Pets

“The daily entertainment needs of the more adult pet, in particular dogs, is very dependent on their nature. Some will, in your absence, just curl up and snooze whilst others will enjoy having the radio on – even the telly. Special toys in which a treat is hidden are great as your pet can spend many a happy hour trying to locate the goodies!”

Activity is a big part of keeping any animal happy and healthy, and ideally they need to have the space proportionate to their size to run around and be active. But as well as making sure that they get enough exercise, you also need to make sure that their minds are challenged and occupied in order to prevent boredom.

Older Pets

“Older pets are by reason of their years often calmer and can be left to occupy themselves. But do remember, your dear dog does need to go to the loo and whilst cats can have a cat flap it is a slightly different story for your Standard Poodle!”

Did you know about our Senior Wellness Check for pets aged 8 and over? For the things they aren’t able to tell us, get your senior pet checked out for any underlying problems they might be suffering from in silence. Find out more about our Senior Wellness Check here.


“On a slightly different note, there is now an app by which you can actually talk to your pet from your office… But perhaps this is a bark too far!”

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