Making Trips To The Vet Easier

Dear easipetcare friends,

Summer might almost be over but there’s still plenty to get excited about this August! Did you know that this year 21st August is officially ‘Take Your Cat To The Vet’ day?! Naturally this has to be one of our favourite days on the entire pet calendar… Yippeee! But we do understand that taking your precious pet to the vets isn’t always easy, and especially not your four-legged friends. The stress caused can create a lasting fear in your pet which makes the experience even harder than it needs to be. I recently came across a fantastic charity called Greyhounds as Pets who have put together a pet-tastic infographic on how to make trips to the vet easier. You’ll learn all about why dogs (especially) fear the vet, what you can do to reduce their stress levels and how to make changes that last for their lifetime 🙂 Enjoy!

Best wishes,

About our featured contributor Tom Clarke:
Tom Clarke is the Marketing Manager at a not for profit organisation called Greyhounds As Pets, which focuses on the adoption and fostering of retired greyhounds into loving homes. He is an animal lover and loves to create content about all animals but writes about greyhounds most often 🙂