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Behind the Scenes… Filming our easipetcare Commercial

1st May 2018

Dear easipetcare friends,

We had enormous fun with our superstar pooches on 27th February 2018 filming for our brand new easipetcare commercial. Our superstar doggies were all entered into a competition to become extras and were chosen at random. Spike won the part for the lead role and exceeded all of our expectations – he was clearly born to be a star!

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes on filming day and don’t forget to scroll down to see the finished video! It’s guaranteed to make you smile!


Best wishes,


Name: Spike

Owner: Kay Ratcliffe

Breed: Parson Jack Russell

Age: 7

Favourite Toy: Piglet

Best Trick: Rolling over

If I were a human actor I would most likely be: Adam Sandler


Name: Teds

Owner: Jenneane Nix

Breed: Lhasapoo

Age: 2

Favourite Toy: Ball on a rope

Best Trick: Stand on back legs and walk around 🙂

If I were a human actor I would most likely be: Superman!

Name: Giri

Owner: Natalie Pink

Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Age: 4 ½

Favourite Toy: Squeaky Kong Tennis Ball – I LOVE them lots!

Best Trick: I think you saw my best trick, I can lie on the floor and the humans put treats on my paws and I will wait then eat one and then wait to be told I can have the other one”

If I were a human actor I would most likely be: Steve McQueen as I am very cool – so my humans tell me!

Name: Cascao

Owner: Kate Holness

Breed: Portuguese Sheepdog

Age: 4 years

Favourite Toy: Ball

Best Trick: Talking when he wants something

If I were a human actor I would most likely be: Eddie Murphy ‘cos I’m dark, very handsome and sooooo funny! 


Check out Spike’s video here

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