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Emergency surgery for Bella the cat who swallowed a pen!

21st February 2018

Don’t miss the story of Bella the cat who ate a pen
Our Luton vets did an incredible job saving her and we are so very proud of the whole team!

Cats can and do get in all manner of scrapes, but when young cat Bella managed to swallow a pen, owners Jessica and Ayden from Bedford just couldn’t believe it.
Bella didn’t show any signs of discomfort or choking, but she did start to vomit. The couple rushed her to their vets, easipetcare in Luton who took Bella for an X-ray and then straight into emergency surgery.

Veterinary Surgeon, Ola, was staggered to find a very clear image of a pen on Bella’s X-ray. What was even more remarkable was that it had not pierced any of her internal organs.
Ola explained, “We often find foreign bodies such as balls, toys and socks which dogs and cats have swallowed, but this is the first time we have found a pen. This is one lucky cat which has firmly used up one of her nine lives. I am pleased to say that she is making a full recovery and is back to her lovely, cheeky self!
She added, “We were of course curious to see if the pen still worked, and it did!
Owner, Ayden said, “We are just so pleased that Bella has made a full recovery, it could have been really nasty and we still can’t believe that she did it. A huge thank you must go to the easipetcare team who were brilliant, the care throughout was outstanding, not only for Bella, but for us!
All animals are capable of swallowing a foreign object and not all objects show up on an X-ray; thankfully in this case it was very clear. Always be as vigilant as you can be and should your pet show signs of choking, vomiting, Diarrhoea, abdominal tenderness or pain, lack of appetite, or behavioural changes then veterinary help must be sought as soon as possible.

Well done Easipetcare – Luton!
Read more about how Bella actually ate the pen on the BBC’s website! ????

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