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Chocoholic Dogs Anonymous

14th October 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

Dogs are especially well known for eating things that they aren’t supposed to; they give us those big puppy dog eyes and ‘Bon A-pet-treat’ they’ve won us over in an instant! They also have an excellent snout on them which makes sniffing out secret hiding spots for chocolate especially easy! And it’s this combination of treat detecting and begging that can be a dangerous duo when there’s chocolate around the house. As we celebrate National Chocolate Week and Halloween this month, we at easipetcare felt it was important to explain why chocolate should be a treat we dog owners keep for ourselves!

Most of you will have heard that chocolate is toxic to dogs but it’s important to know why. And it’s also important to teach children about this since they are more prone to falling victim to those big soppy doggy eyes… casually slipping the odd Easter egg or Halloween treat under the dining table ; -)

So why is chocolate toxic to animals?

This is because of its cacao content. The roasted seeds of cacao, contain caffeine and theobromine, and if these are ingested by dogs it can lead to various medical complications L. The amount and type of chocolate ingested is also important because these determine the severity of toxicity.  So please be wary of feeding your pet anything that might contain chocolate and always keep it out of reach.

Three types of chocolate that you should avoid giving your dog:

  • MOST TOXIC – Baking Chocolate (This type of chocolate has the highest concentration of caffeine and theobromine.)
  • VERY TOXIC – Semi-Sweet Chocolate e.g. Dark Chocolate
  • MIDLY TOXIC – Milk Chocolate

However, it’s not all bad news! There’s one type of chocolate that we think is equally tasty and 100% cacao free! Yes, you guessed it… WHITE COCOLATE! Now, this doesn’t mean we would recommend giving your pet pooch white chocolate either, because it has a very high fat content… but it’s safe to say your dog should live another day if they do accidentally overindulge. This is because white chocolate contains much lower levels of theobromine than other chocolate, meaning that the effects of eating too much are far less severe (such as gastrointestinal upsets like diarrhoea and vomiting). So rest assured, your pup-sicle would have to be especially greedy and eat more than they could physically woof down to get very sick!

So eat white chocolate and be merry! But if you do have any concerns about your dog’s health get in touch with your local easipetcare practice who will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Best wishes,

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