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Bad Breeders on Santa’s Naughty List

28th November 2020

Dear easipetcare friends,

With December just around the corner, it’s almost time for the official Christmas countdown to begin and boy are we wagging our tails in super excitement! After all what’s not to love about Santa Paws and Hoppy Pawlidays? 

But sadly it’s not a jolly, sparkly or happy time for all of our four legged friends 🙁 The sad news is that due to puppies and kittens making it onto thousands of children’s (and adults!) Christmas lists, this causes a spike in the illegal importation and sale of puppies and kittens for Christmas presents 🙁 There have already been reported cases of this in the UK and Ireland recently and most of us haven’t even begun to think about starting the Christmas shopping yet! But if you have decided to make the long term commitment of a new furry family member and you have vowed to cherish and care for them with as much love as they will have for you… well then we want to help you make the right decision as a responsible pet owner!

We’ve put together an important festive check list for you to follow before purchasing your ‘nice'(healthy) new bundle of joy to reduce the risk of getting a ‘bad’ (unhealthy) one! So, without further ado… we’ve made a list and we want to encourage you to check it twice 😉

  • Shopping around…the Christmas tree
    Please don’t buy a puppy or kitten from online shopping sites such as Gumtree or Ebay because most sites like these have no control over who uses them and do not perform important checks on the seller!
  • Aged to Purrfection…
    The earliest a puppy or kitten should be collected is 8 weeks for dogs and 9 weeks for cats.
  • Peeking isn’t cheating…
    New owners should always make several visits to see the animal before buying.
  • Make it a family affair!
    Make sure you see them with the other litter members and at least the mother (if possible the father also).
  • Away in a manger no crib for a bed…
    Ask to see the den where the puppies/kittens grew up so you can see what kind of condition they were brought up in
  • No p-woof, no puuuurchase!
    Make sure that the breeder provides suitable documentation with the new animal, including a minimum of 1st vaccination and in the case of puppies, they should be micro-chipped by the age of 8 weeks, flea and worming treatments are also good to know..
  • The new No.1 Christmas Record is…
    Make sure that the vaccination record has a veterinary surgeon’s address and telephone number who can be contacted to confirm that the patient is registered.
  • I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause…
    Ask about the parent’s medical history, do they have heart problems, hip dysplasia and long term illnesses
  • Deck the halls with…
    Have the puppy/kitten vet checked as soon as possible
  • Rudolf the red nosed reindeer…
    Finally, make sure the puppy/kitten looks healthy in itself before you buy them. Do not buy an animal you feel sorry for, as you will most likely be paying for a big vet bill as well. Do not buy a sick animal for the sake of ‘SAVING IT’, you may think you are helping, but actually you are just funding a bad breeder, in which case it is better in the long run to report them to the RSPCA. 🙂

Please remember if you are at all worried about the health of your new puppy or kitten give your local easipetcare practice a call straight away!  And finally don’t forget that our Puppy & Kitten Starter Packs are only £37 for a limited time! ‘Tis the season to be jolly

Best wishes,

Judy xxx.

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