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Celebrating our Wildlife Conservation Efforts

14th September 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

Our vets and nurses have a passion not only for domestic pets but also for supporting wildlife conservation and we are extremely proud of them, which is why I would like to give them a special mention for their tremendous efforts!

Turtle Conservation in Greece

One of our ANAs at easipetcare Norbury, Emma Onyejekwe, has just returned from two weeks volunteering in Greece where she was assisting Loggerhead Turtle Hatchlings make their way to the sea in Kefalonia. Emma was volunteering with a small local charity called Wildlife Sense who have been very successful in tagging many of the turtles which visit their beaches. This year they were primarily focusing on ensuring the turtle hatchlings headed towards the moon and into the sea rather than being distracted by the lights of the nearby bars. Emma and other volunteers slept on the beach and woke up every hour to check for any hatchlings coming up through the sand. Once the hatchlings started coming up they were collected and immediately put into a holding bucket until they were safe. They were then released nearer to the shoreline by way of a small trench ensuring all made it safely to the sea. Each nest can contain around 100 hatchlings and while Emma was there she was able to help seven of the nests make it to safety!

Emma said her favourite part of the trip was sleeping on the beach, even though she was attacked by sandflies which caused very itchy bites! Regardless of this, she loved her experience in Greece and would recommend volunteering to anyone who has an interest. We are incredibly proud of Emma’s wildlife conservation efforts and we will continue to offer our support for her future projects.

Sri Lanka

We are incredibly excited to announce that three of our vets we will be working with the Blue Paws Trust in Sri Lanka throughout September and October. So make sure you stay tuned on our Facebook page for live updates of their progress!

Best wishes,

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