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Coronavirus – Important Information

17th March 2020


We are delighted to announce that we are now able to administer certain vaccines again – hurraahhh 🙂 However these are currently limited to primary courses (1st and 2nd vaccines for puppies and kittens), 1st annual vaccines and baby rabbit vaccines.

To ensure the safety of our staff we are still operating a ‘closed-door’ policy. You will be instructed to call when you arrive at the surgery (please remember to stay 2 meters away from anyone else at all times). You will need to hand over your pet, ideally on a long lead for dogs, outside our surgery door. Please ensure that you keep your mobile phone on for us to call you once the vet has seen your pet in consult.

Whilst our teams are doing everything they possibly can to provide the care our clients need, we feel it necessary to inform you that currently we only have 30% of our workforce supporting our busy practices.

So please bear with us if it takes a little longer to answer the phone or respond to an email… our hands are extremely full at the moment 😉

Telemedicine & Video Consults:

We are now able to offer telephone and video consultations over the phone in the safety and comfort of your own home – find out more here 

In conjunction with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and British Veterinary Association (BVA) this is how you can care for your pet during COVID-19 and this is what we are able to do.

veterinary practice open Covid-19

We can provide essential care for all pets during the current government restrictions. This includes some vaccinations as well as providing products such as pet food, flea, worm and tick products, as well as ongoing medications. For any products you’d like to order simply call us to arrange for payment and safe collection/delivery of these items.

Update 26.03.2020

Following last night’s update we have now been authorized to provide meds such as flea & worming products, as well as administering 2nd vaccinations for puppies and kittens; whilst staying coronavirus safe 🙂 Therefore, if you receive a reminder from us to collect meds or need to arrange a new order please give us a call.

Payment will be taken over the phone and you will be instructed to call when you arrive at the surgery – please remember to stay 2 meters away from anyone else at all times. Your product will be placed in our “medication for collection” boxes outside our surgery door.

Once you have stepped away (> 2m). the door can then be opened by a member of our team and the box will be retrieved with gloved hands. This box is immediately sprayed down with disinfectant and placed back at the side of the door ready for the next collection.

As per the “under our care” regulations, we cannot dispense these products to any animals that haven’t been seen in the last 12 months.

Our 365 clients will follow the same process but won’t need to pay as it’s included in their annual plan.

Telemedicine & Video Consults:

We are now able to offer telephone and video consultations over the phone in the safety and comfort of your own home – find out more here 

Southampton Temporary Closure:

We understand that at this challenging time, taking care of ourselves and loved ones is the absolute priority. So in light of the current situation we are regrettably closing our doors temporarily from tomorrow to allow our team to stay safe at home during this time.


Thank you once again for your patience.

Update Wednesday 25.03.202

Following further guidelines and advice from both the government and the RCVS, during the lockdown phase (until 13th April), we will not be able to perform neutering procedures, administer vaccinations, or dispense flea & worming treatment. Whilst we understand this is not ideal, we must follow the government’s guidelines and ensure that our vets and staff are only working on fulfilling the role of providing emergency care during this unprecedented time.

These cases are true emergencies and examples include:

  • Patient not passing urine
  • Patient bleeding heavily
  • Patient struggling to breathe
  • Patient actively seizuring for over 2 minutes
  • Patient collapsed
  • Dystocia

Puppies & Kittens – please keep your newbies indoors and not exposed to other dogs as they are not protected until they have completed their full vaccination course.

Parasite treatment If you were due in for your pet’s vaccination in the next three weeks please rebook your appointment for after 13th April.

From now on we will only be able to see emergency cases at the practice but are also able to offer telephone/video consults -please speak to a member of your practice to arrange.  And lastly we ask for your full understanding and cooperation at this time. THANK YOU 💕

Update – Tuesday 24.03. 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s address last night, and the nationwide effort, it is time for us to take further measures in minimising the spread of Coronavirus. So with immediate effect will be operating a ‘closed-door’ policy.

This means that we will only be able to offer emergency and essential care at our practices.

The following are classed as essential care:

  • Life threatening emergencies/accidents
  • Pain relief for ongoing illnesses
  • First and second vaccinations for puppies and kittens, as well as 1st annual vaccine at 1 year
  • Annual booster vaccinations: a 3 month grace period beyond their expiry is allowed. If your pet is nearing the end of this additional 3 month grace period please book an appointment
  • Neutering procedures for pets living in multi-pet households (to avoid unwanted pregnancies)

Please note that as of 24.03.2020 we are unable to sell or dispense parasite control due to the latest guidelines set by the government and RCVS on critical emergency care. This includes flea & worming products. We expect this to last for about 3 weeks but will keep you updated as soon as possible.

Where possible we will offer video consultations to clients from the safety of your own home. These will be chargeable before the consultation takes place and you will be required to pay over the phone. If following this consult your pet is required to visit the practice for further examination, you will not be charged an additional consultation fee.

If you require face to face treatment you will need to remain outside/in your car and call reception to let them know you have arrived. You will then be called to drop your pet off at our entrance, where a member of staff will take your pet in to be assessed. The findings from the vet consultation will be discussed with you over the phone while you wait.

It is essential that we maintain minimal contact with clients during this time, so please respect our policies and efforts to minimise risk during this very difficult time.

We will endeavour to keep you updated as and when things change. In the meantime please adhere to the government’s guidelines, and we will help you and your pet as best as possible.

If you are at all concerned about your precious pet please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe, with very best wishes,

from your easipetcare team💕


Monday 16th March 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in the UK, we’re doing everything we can to limit the spread of the disease, but we do  need you to help us by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • In the interest of keeping our teams and clients safe, we ask that you don’t come into the practice if you have a new, persistent cough and/or a high temperature. If you do cough or sneeze whilst in practice, please cover your nose and mouth, and use a tissue where possible. Our staff will direct you to the nearest bin. Please wash your hands and use sanitiser afterwards.
  • When you contact us to book an appointment, a member of our team may ask whether or not you have a new persistent cough and/or high temperature. If you do, you’ll be offered a telephone/video appointment and if this is not applicable, alternative arrangements will be made. Telephone/video appointments will run for the same length of time as a regular appointment in practice, and will incur the same cost. Please note that payment will be required over the phone before the consultation takes place.
  • To avoid crowding within the waiting area, we’d prefer your pet to be accompanied by one person only. If you’d like to wait outside or in your car, call us and we’ll be happy to tell you when the Vet/Nurse is ready to see you.
  • In the interest of safety we will avoid shaking hands with clients.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided, both when you arrive at our practice and when you enter the consult room. If you can’t find them, please ask a member of our team for assistance.
  • As recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation, we’d appreciate it if you could pay with card rather than cash.
  • During your visit, you may see staff members cleaning and disinfecting areas of the practice. We apologise for any inconvenience but we believe these preventative measures will help to reduce risks to both our clients and staff.
  • We have robust internal procedures in place, should a member of staff feel unwell or at particular risk of contracting COVID19. This is to minimise the spread of the virus as best we can.

Thank you for your patience at this unprecedented time.

Your easipetcare team

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