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Bugbear – Looking at Flea Treatments

24th February 2022

Dear easipetcare friends,

All pawrents are likely to suffer the same bugbear when it comes to these nitty gritty crawlies! Whilst we all know what they are (and try not to think about it too much before we get totally creeped out and itchy at the thought!) I’ve decided to look into the different treatments and explain from a vets’ point of view what the best flea treatments are.

There are a vast number of flea and worming products on the market, some of which are more effective than others. The ones you buy over the counter contain less potent ingredients in order that they can be sold in the shops. Unfortunately, this means they can be less effective than those you buy at the vets.

Here at the practice we can use flea and worming products that have been tested and licenced and are known to work. In addition, we can advise you on the best combination of flea/worming products so that your pet is protected from all of the most common parasites in the safest way possible.

Did you know that our flea products also treat most kinds of worms too! (Not tapeworms) So twice as much coverage for your pet, but not twice the price!

If you suspect your pet may have fleas/worms please come in so that we can give them a check-up and advise you on the best protocol for your pet based on their weight, age and lifestyle.

Please note that many people come to us just a few days after applying shop bought products that just haven’t worked.  Unfortunately, it’s best not to overload your pet with lots of chemicals in a short space of time and you may have to wait a couple of weeks before you can apply ours, so please come straight to us to ensure your pets have the best and quickest relief from these pesky fleas.

Treating the house:

In easipetcare, when your pet is diagnosed with fleas they will be treated with a medication that treats the fleas on the pet at that time and prevents re-infestation for approx. 4 weeks thereafter.

However, 95% of the flea life-cycle is off the host! Therefore you’re only seeing just 5% of the fleas/eggs/larvae which are in your home. Therefore, if a flea medication appears not to be working it is likely because you haven’t treated the home at the same time.

Also, many people believe that because they have wood flooring, they won’t have eggs.  Sorry, but it’s a myth that they just lay their eggs in carpets, they can lay them anywhere!

The gold standard flea treatment protocol is to treat all animals and spray the house at first diagnosis and then treat the animals at regular intervals to prevent infestation going forwards.

I hope this helps keep your furry friend happy, healthy and pest-free!

Until next time, with very best wishes,



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