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Are You A Fur Baby Parent?

15th April 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

This week I want to ask you a question, are you a ‘pet owner’ or a ‘pet parent’? Because latest reports suggest that owners considering themselves to have ‘fur babies’ as opposed to pets is more common than ever”! Let’s have a little look at what the reports suggest…

In 2004, a study undertaken at a dog bakery (yes, you read this correctly!) analysed the behaviour of the dog owners who attended, toward their pets. It suggested that those who engaged in more extravagant activities with their pet – such as attending ‘Yappy hour’ sessions at their local dog ‘barkery’ – demonstrated a unique and special type of connection with that pet, which went beyond most people’s relationship with their dog. The research describes how “most of the dog lovers interviewed do not perceive their dogs as dogs; they are family members, best friends, and fur babies. These dog lovers also do not perceive themselves as dog owners; they are parents.”

That was in 2004, but times have changed a lot over the past 12 years and I would happily bet that this type of dog owner is now far more common. It only takes for us to consider the sheer amount of money that pet owners are lavishing on their pets each year to know Britain is crazy about their pets! In 2015 we spent over £6billion on our loving companions!

This feeling of mine is supported by the latest article from the Pet Gazette titled “Pet lovers see themselves as ‘parents’ not owners”. The article describes how “more owners in the US, the UK and Japan view themselves as their pet’s ‘parent’, even referring to themselves as their animal’s mother of father.” This is further supported by Mintel who have found that “the bond between a pet and their owner is starting to resemble very closely that between a parent and a child”.

According to a report in The Express, more than 80% of pet owners admit to giving their fur friends the same attention and love that they give to their children. A quote from the article reads; “The UK has transformed from being a nation of pet owners to being a nation of pet parents who enjoy spending time with and treating their pet.”

All fascinating stuff which makes for a great read – all those pets being wonderfully cared for!

At easipetcare, we are all about the care – it’s in our strapline! So we thoroughly support this wave of ‘pet parents’ and are here to support your fur babies whenever they need us 😀

With best wishes,

Judy. xxx

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