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Get Your Pup Socialising!

8th February 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

Welcoming a puppy into your home is one of the most amazing moments… That little bundle of fur and joy who couldn’t be happier to be a part
of your family 🙂

There is so much to learn in the early days but I want to introduce you to a process that can prove invaluable in those precious early months.

Puppy socialisation.

Like human cubs, puppies are not born with the social skills that they are going to require as they go through their lives. Skills such as understanding the different social interaction with adults, children and other animals, learning about different sights and sounds and becoming aware of what dangerous situations look like (e.g. traffic). So this is where puppy socialisation comes in!

The Kennel Club describes puppy socialisation as being “the learning process that a puppy must undergo in order to learn key life skills to ensure that it is happy and confident in its environment, and can communication effectively within its social group.” Quite simply socialising is the process by which puppies learn to relate to other animals and people.

Petplan warn of the potential issues associated with skipping this important development activity being that a puppy can be painfully shy, or even aggressive as it does not come to understand regular interaction.

When should I get started?

As soon as possible! Petplan explain how “puppies under the age of 12 weeks have not yet learned how to approach people, situations or objects and the older they get, the more cautious they become when faced with new situations.” Breeders especially have to be conscious to expose their litters to as many day to day objects and situations as possible in order to ensure the ideal temperament of their adorable pups.

How do I get started?

There are simple things you can do in and around your home so the process does not need fancy or expensive equipment! Petplan have put together an excellent guide showing in detail how to socialise your pup with humans, dogs and other animals.

You will also find that many veterinary practice run puppy socialisation classes where your furry bundle can meet and play with other pups! Here at easipetcare we run a regular course of FREE socialisation classes at our Derby practice! Simply call the team on 01332 611896 for more information 🙂

Good luck!

Judy. xxx

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