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Grass Seed Warning

21st June 2019

We’ve recently treated a few patients with grass seeds.

Here’s patient number one, this is Ralph, and it’s his third year in a row that he’s had to have grass seeds removed!

Patient number two is poor Shaggy who had to have three removed.

Patient number three is Squeak, who visited us after his mum saw the story of Shaggy on our Facebook page! And good job she did because she had a big one lodged in her ear!


Grass seeds are horrible and can creep into ears and between toes and tiny nooks and crannies, causing a lot of problems! They can be very painful and can even travel down the ear canal and damage the ear drum if left unchecked, so if you notice your pet shaking their head, constantly scratching their ears or react painfully when you pet their ears make sure to get them to the vet, especially the hairy, floppy eared breeds. Keep an eye on your beloved pets and do regular grass seed checks to remove any you find! If you suspect a grass seed has lodged itself somewhere it shouldn’t, don’t hesitate to bring them straight to the vets for a check before they cause more trouble!

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