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Halloween & Bonfire Night

4th November 2018

Dear easipetcare Friends,

With Halloween bringing the joys of pumpkin-carving and trick or treating, and Bonfire Night delivering the magic of extensive firework displays, it can be a very exciting time of the year for us humans… But it can actually be quite a worrying time for your fur-ball! With loud noises, bright lights and people in strange outfits, their world can suddenly become quite scary.

That’s why we want to encourage as many pet pawrents as possible to PLAN AHEAD to ensure your precious fur-ball can be kept as safe, happy and healthy as possible.

The Welfare Team at charity Canine Partners offer some excellent advice for this time of year:

  • Firstly, any pets that usually live or like to be outdoors should be kept inside where possible, or kept in their safe outdoor housing. Ideally cats should not be prowling their territory during the evening and it’s best to try to take your dog for a long walk before it gets dark
  • If you do receive knocks from trick or treaters, try to avoid letting your pet come to the front door with you. It’s best to keep them calm and quiet in another room in the house
  • Follow the ROCKET code to avoid pets being traumatised by fireworks:

R: Reduce outside noise in your house by closing windows and curtains and turning on a television or radio

O: Occupy pets with games or toys, this acts as a great distraction

C: Calm and quiet behaviour should be rewarded, anxious and worried behaviour should be ignored

K: Keep calm yourself – your anxiety can transfer to your pet

E: Early use of anti-stress aids, such as diffusers or the Vetpro ‘Stress and Anxiety’ range can be really beneficial

T: Time out and safe area: pets often find their own safe place where they feel secure – providing spaces with boxes and blankets can help them find their safe space


What’s more, the fab team at Animal Friends Pet Insurance have pulled together this informative infographic offering even more helpful advice 🙂

And don’t forget, having your pet micro-chipped gives you the best chance of getting them back safe and sound should they achieve the great escape.

With easipetcare this costs from just £15 for peace of mind! View our prices here

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