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Halloween & Firework Pet Safety Tips

31st October 2021

Dear easipetcare friends,

This weekend kicks off the exciting firework season with its colourful displays and roaring bonfires! But please remember that this can be quite a stressful time for our beloved fur-friends. Fireworks are wonderfully stimulating for humans but our furry friends who have much more sensitive eyes and ears than us can find it genuinely terrifying : ( But have no fear, our vets are here with some tip top tips to keep your pets safe during fireworks season:

pet firework anxiety


Keep dogs on the lead during walks and toilet breaks.

Dogs like dens, so cover dog crates or a small table with a blanket.

Try not to walk your dog in the dark, or take them out too late at night.


cat firework anxiety


Keep windows closed and cat flaps locked after dark.

Cats feel safe up high or in cosy spaces like a cardboard box.

Try to keep your cat in after dark in the safe familiarity of their own home.


  • Your pet is likely to feel safer if you’re around.
  • Try not to punish or reward signs of fear, instead distract them with toys and games.
  • Close curtains and turn up the TV or radio to muffle the outside noise.
  • Play desensitisation audio files for your pet prior to fireworks season.
  • Carved pumpkins are a must for Halloween but make sure you consider the fire risk if your pet knocks them over.
  • Consider calming plugins which you can purchase from our practice.

And most importantly, be prepared that your pet could run away to ‘safety’ which could be very dangerous with busy roads and lots of people trick or treating! And it is likely to scare them into running further away, so make sure you pet is microchipped!

With best wishes,

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