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Help Your Pet Handle The Heat!

13th May 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

I hope you have all been enjoying this fabulous weather we have been having?! What better opportunity to get out and about with your wonderful pets? From beach walks, to games in the garden, cats, dogs and small furries alike enjoy the freedom that the nice weather can bring them.

Now I am all for encouraging playtime as much as possible but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share a warning regarding your pets in the heat! The Metro comments that pets do actually handle heat much better than us humans (no surprise there!), but it is of course key to be aware “of their potential discomfort and know how to tell if it’s too much for them”.

There are many tips and tricks you can you to ensure your pet remains chilled at this time of year – the Metro covers some great tips for cats and dogs in their article. Tips including ensuring fresh, cold water is available throughout the day and avoiding the midday heat are advocated whilst warning signs to look out for include panting, lying down more than usual and even vomiting.

The Sainsbury’s Money Matters team also have some fab tips for pets at this time of year including some great activities! For dogs they recommend cooling them down by “splashing water on their paws, then hold a water-soaked towel on their stomach. If there’s a cool muddy puddle to hand, even better”! And for cats… “Cats might hate water, but they love ice! Fill a balloon with water, freeze it, then remove the balloon and place the ice ball in a deep dish — it’ll make the perfect ice pop for your feline friend”.

Of course, if you do find your pet is struggling or you have any concerns at all, please do take them to your nearest vet for attention. All of our teams are perfectly placed to offer you advice at this time of year.

The British summer provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your wonderful pet’s life, so go for it… but with caution 😀

With sunny wishes,

Judy. xxx

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