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Why You Should Vaccinate Your Pet!

12th January 2017

Dear easipetcare friends,

With the recent launch of our amazing new easivac, I thought I’d share my tip top reasons for vaccinating your precious pet(s)! But first of all let’s get down to the bones of it and find out all there is to know about vaccines šŸ™‚

What actually is a vaccine?

Get ready for the fancy definition! A vaccine is a compound that stimulates an active immune response against a specific disease. This basically means that when your pet next comes in contact with that disease, the immune system will recognise it and has the defence mechanism in place to destroy it before it causes any harm šŸ™‚

Why should you vaccinate your purrfectly healthy pet?

Well, the diseases that we vaccinate against are potentially very dangerous and generally highly contagious. Leptospirosis for example, a disease that we vaccinate against in dogs, can also be passed to humans causing severe kidney and liver disease. Bringing your pet in yearly for their vaccine is also a great opportunity to have a free health check with a vet to ensure that they are generally in great health!

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Are there any side effects from the vaccine?

A vaccine is given by injection into the skin at the back of the neck and can make some animals sleepy for a few hours afterwards. It is extremely rare but possible that an animal can have an allergic reaction to a vaccine. While this can be a possibility, the risk of disease greatly outweighs the possibility of an allergic response! In cats we very occasionally see injection site reactions where there is a small lump at the site where the vaccine was given but these generally disappear in a few weeks :).

How long does a vaccine last?

An initial course is needed to stimulate the correct level of immunity required. This is then topped up yearly (for free on our easivac!). First vaccinations for puppies and kittens are given at 8 weeks and then 10-12 weeks in puppies and 9-12 weeks in kittens.

What if I forget a vaccine?

If you miss a vaccine, donā€™t panic. You have a 3 month window in which you can still get a booster. If you miss this, it just means that we need to do an initial course again like we do for puppies and kittens. This will be the 2 vaccines, 2-4 weeks apart with the yearly boosters.

The two vaccines that aren’t included in our easivac are Kennel Cough and RabiesĀ because these are specific to just dogs and aren’t needed by all of our fur-friends! But if your pet is going on their Pawlidays to the kennels or abroad then please make sure they are all jet-packed up and ready to go!

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What does my dog need to go into kennels?

The kennels will require your pet to be fully vaccinated. This means they must have had a vaccine within the last year. If you need to restart your vaccines, remember to wait a week after the second vaccine for full immunity to be reached. The kennels may also insist that your dog has a kennel cough vaccination. This protects against an infectious disease of the airways that causes a very nasty cough. This vaccine requires 3 weeks to reach full immunity so give yourself plenty of time in advance šŸ˜‰ And also remember to give them flea/mite and worming treatment before visiting the kennels so that you know they won’t be bringing home any extra baggage!

Does my dog need protection from Rabies?

Thankfully we do not have Rabies in the UK. However, if your pet is going abroad, they must have a passport and a Rabies vaccine. The vaccine will generally last for 3 years, can only be given to pets over 12 weeks of age and requires 3 weeks to reach full immunity. .


So there you have it! A whistle stop tour of vaccinations! So now you know why our new easivac will provide your precious pet with a lifetime of protection (unless they’re travelling abroad!) Our easivac will provide your pet with the minimum annual protection it needsĀ for a one-off payment ofĀ just Ā£89! This will cover the cost of your pet’s annual boosters… FOR LIFE! And they’ll even receive a full health check completely free of charge ;)!

So don’t delay, buy yourĀ easivac online today andĀ give your best fur-friend a lifetime of protection šŸ™‚

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Best wishes,


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