Top tips for holidaying with your pet

This time of year undoubtedly brings thoughts of holidaying so this week I have been looking at the ins and outs of taking your precious pet away in the UK. These tip top tips should save you time (and potentially a headache!) when it comes to planning ahead to your break away...  

Good Petiquette When Taking Your Dog to a Hotel

If you’ve ever gone on holiday and had to leave your dog in a kennel you will know the anxious look they get from being left behind... Well if this is the worst part of your holiday then it’s time for a change! More and more people are taking their dogs with them because more hotels these days are catering for guests with dogs. There is, of course, a great deal of variety in terms of what services hotels will offer for guests who choose to bring their furry friends with them. Some will simply allow you to bring dogs while others will offer specialist services. It’s always important to check the hotel’s website and if you’re not sure just give them a call! You also need to consider if your dog is the type that can be taken to a hotel. Just because a hotel accepts dogs does definitely not mean that they will tolerate damage to their rooms or loud dogs that are likely to disturb other guests. If your dog gets upset or anxious with new surroundings then you may be best considering a plan B... Because there is such variety in terms of what different establishments offer for guests with dogs it’s well worth shopping around before you book! The team at Buyagift - the experience day provider - have put together a great review of some of the best dog friendly hotels and spas in the UK. They have also created a useful guide that covers what you need to consider before you book - things you may need to pack to make your dog’s stay as pleasant as possible, and in-hotel animal etiquette, or petiquette for short! So there you have it! Some tip top tips to consider when holidaying with your beloved pet in the UK.

With best wishes, Judy

 Judy Walker B.Vet.Med MRCVS. Founder of easipetcare - find out more  about Judy here!