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What we know about Alabama Rot

28th March 2018

Dear easipetcare friends,

Are you in the know about ‘Alabama Rot’ ? Cases of this potentially fatal doggy disease are increasing across the UK, so we want to make sure you know how to spot the early warning signs!

But first of all let’s find out what exactly it is and what we can do to #STOPTHEROT!

What is Alabama Rot?

Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV) is a potentially fatal doggy disease that only recently appeared in the UK a few years ago. It was first reported in America in the 1980s and only affected greyhounds. Now many different breeds, of all ages, sexes and weights are affected.

The disease causes damage to blood vessels of the skin and kidneys.

What are the symptoms?

Skin lesions which look like bites, sores, wounds and stings are all symptoms of Alabama Rot. Occasionally this includes lesions in the mouth which look like ulcers. Unfortunately , if not spotted early, it can lead to sudden and potentially fatal kidney failure 🙁

What can I do about it?

If you notice your dog with any symptoms, or think that they are at risk, please come and see us immediately!

It is thought that the disease is picked up on the paws and legs during muddy walks, so please ensure you always:

  • Where possible, keep your dog in sight when out walking them and take your dog to clean, well-kept grassy areas.
  • Wash mud off your pet’s paws & legs
  • Check for signs of ‘Alabama Rot’ – especially around the snout, legs and underside of the belly.
  • If in doubt call the vet

Whilst there is currently no known cure for this relatively new disease, a charity set up in 2017, the ARRF – Alabama Rot Research Fund, are dedicated to the research and development of a cure for Alabama Rot; and are about to start work on analysing post mortem tissues samples to provide confirmation of a diagnosis of CRGV ‘Alabama Rot’. If you would like to donate to the ARRF – Alabama Rot Research Fund please visit their website for more information.

Lets help #STOPTHEROT together so that no more doggies have to suffer.

Until next time,

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