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Loving Your Twitchy-Nosed Pet

23rd June 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

Did you know, this week it is Rabbit Awareness Week! A whole week dedicated to our little, twitchy-nosed friends 🙂 We have been celebrating here at easipetcare with free bunny health checks throughout June which has seen lots of lovely cotton-tails!

But aside from giving us excuses to share pictures and videos of these adorable pets, Rabbit Awareness Week exists to help share health, welfare, companion and behavioural advice for bunny owners. The RAW website has a whole heap of useful information, some of which I look at here…


Being a vet, the obvious place for me to start is health! It is interesting to consider that part of the reason why rabbits can often be hard to read is due to the fact that they are a ‘prey species’. This means that they will often “hide the fact that they are in pain when ill or injured” so as to not look vulnerable to any potential predators. Just because the scariest visitor your furry friend meets is Bounce, the neighbours over-excitable Labrador, doesn’t mean their natural instincts are any less present!

As a result, it is really important to take regular checks of your precious bunny, looking for signs of any out of character behaviour, any injury or any parasites, as well as general teeth and nail checks.

More detailed information including specific signs to look out for and potential threats to your bunny’s health can be found here.


Now this is another key element to your bunny’s general health and welfare. The RAW site explains how “people often think rabbits are very easy to look after and that all they need to do is pop them in a hutch in the garden and feed and clean them when needed. However, this is actually very far from the truth!”

Rabbits needs plenty of access to fresh air and the opportunity exercise but also require spaces to hide at times when they feel threatened.

Read more about their behaviour here.


Finally, let us consider another critical item in good rabbit care – their diet! The RAW site states that at least 85-905% of a bunny’s diet “should consist of jay, grass and dried grass, as a guideline as much as the size of the rabbit’s body! What’s more, they also need a small amount of dried nugget feed and some green leafy salad J Water, it goes without saying, should be fresh and plentiful!

See what your bunny’s diet should consist of here.

So there you have an introduction to the life and health of your perfect bunny companion. Take the time to read more on the Rabbit Awareness Week website, and other sources, to make sure you keep your precious pet as happy and healthy as can be…. And don’t forget your easipetcare free health check through June!!

With best wishes,

Judy xxx

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