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Lungworm – The Hidden Killer On The Increase

27th October 2015

One key topic in the media at the moment is lungworm. On the increase in dogs especially, this parasite can cause serious health problems and can even be fatal if not diagnosed and treated.

The Dangers

The lungworm takes a long and complicated journey to get to your precious pooch. The parasite starts off in foxes and the lungworm larvae passes in their poo. This is then ingested by slugs or snails as they slither over the poo and in turn this is then ingested by the dog!

Healthcare organisation Bayer explains that whilst most dogs do not tend to eat these creatures on purpose, they can accidentally do so when playing with a toy or drinking from a puddle. Unfortunately there is also evidence that the lung worm larvae can be transmitted in the slime trail alone – posing an even greater threat to your precious pet.

There is a seasonal increase in the number of foxes in our parks and gardens at this time of year as the weather gets cooler and they seek easier food sources such as household bins, but there is also an increase in the number of slugs and snails as their eggs hatch at this time of year. With statistics showing that in the South-East of England, 50% of all foxes are now believed to be carrying lungworm, this is a very scary set of statistics indeed!

And it isn’t just dogs who can become infected – lungworm can affect cats too!

Keep Your Pets Safe

So, what can you do to keep your pet safe?
Aside from following Blue Cross recommendations to be vigilant with your pet whilst on walks or in the garden, preventative products are available and with regular use, prevention is easy to achieve.

At easipetcare, we recommend the use of the widely recognised Milpro and Advocate products. These products are guaranteed to not only prevent, but wipe out any lungworm infection that may be lurking in your perfect pet.

Furthermore, there’s an added bonus as these two products also tackle other parasites such as fleas, mites and other types of worms!

Get Advice Today!

So don’t delay – speak to the team at your local easipetcare practice for advice on the best preventative treatment for your loved pet.

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