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The World’s Most Romantic Animals

14th February 2017

Dear easipetcare friends,

I’m sure you’ll agree that the bond between humans and pets is one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. As pet owners we know how wonderful loving our pets can be, but did you know that wild animals also show love and affection for each other. So to celebrate the most romantic day of the year we wanted to share with you our pick of nature’s most loving couples!


Starting with the obvious choice, these adorable love birds are known to be so loving that they are often given as wedding gifts to symbolise a couple’s lifelong commitment to one another – awwww! These incredibly affectionate birds from the parrot family love to sit beside each other and cuddle whenever they can. They choose their partner for life at only two months old and become virtually inseparable from that day forward. The male performs a courtship dance to woo his lady and the rest is history!


From the obvious to the surprising! Who knew these giant toothy predators had a sweet side? When a male alligator wants to gain the affection of his lady friend, he’ll start rubbing her back and tickle her face with water bubbles whilst swimming around her in circles… we don’t think even Disney could imagine it better! There’s only one word for it Alli-gat-adorable!

Bower Birds

The most fascinating display of a courtship ceremony is officially by the Bower Bird. To attract the desires of a female, the male will collect twigs and grass to create a nest and then decorate it with shiny objects that he will spend days collecting and perfecting in order to impress a female. He’ll do a special dance and sing to show off his new home and if a female is impressed, they’ll mate! We knew there was a reason we love men and their DIY!

Garden Snails

We thought cuddling alligators were surprising… until we came across the unsuspecting garden snail! Although snails are in fact hermaphrodites they require each other’s mucus to stimulate their reproductive organs and they actually do this by shooting mucus covered ‘love darts’ off each other! So the next time you think of a slimy snail just imagine them with a cupid arrow shooting love darts at each other!

Gentoo Penguins

Possibly our favourite love story of them all is that of the Gentoo Penguin. These adorable creatures are best known for their gesture of love. When they want to declare their love to a female, males will search the entire beach for the smoothest pebble they can find to present to their special lady. If she accepts they will become mates for life. Sound a bit familiar? 😉


Flamingos who flamenco! The courtship dance of the Andean Flamingos in Chile, South America is a truly astonishing and somewhat hilarious sight! Captured by the BBC Planet Earth team recently you just need to watch the video to see these sassy birds for yourself!


So who needs wine and roses when you can dance like a flamingo, do DIY like a Bower Bird and shoot love darts like a…. snail? Happy Valentine’s Day!

With best wishes,

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