Pyometra in 3yr old Frenchie Nancy

What is a pyometra?

A pyometra or ‘pyo’ is an infection of the uterus. There are two types of pyometras, open; that will present with drainage and closed; which causes the infection to become trapped inside a female animal resulting in toxicity with their body. It can be caused by hormonal imbalance or bacteria entering uterus via the vulva or other internal sources.

Diagnosis can be confirmed by a vet using diagnostic imaging (e.g ultrasound) or blood test.

Clinical signs:

  • *Increased thirst
  • *Decreased appetite
  • *Smelly and abnormal vaginal discharge (if cervix is open)
  • *Licking of the vulva
  • *Painful and swollen abdomen
  • *Lethargy (tiredness)
  • *Depression
  • *Fever (increased temperature)
  • *Vomiting or nausea
  • *Diarrhoea

Any of these clinical signs can present several weeks or months after a season or whelping

How can pyometra be treated & prevented?

Some mild cases of pyometras can be managed by antibiotics but the most successful treatment option would be surgical removal to avoid reoccurrence.

Pyometras are classed as an emergency procedure due to the added risk to life as a result of toxicity and complexity of surgery. The animal would also require IV fluid therapy and a course antibiotics and pain relief to help flush out any toxins post operatively.

Spaying your female animals is the easiest method of prevention as pyometra can occur at any age and in any species. Pyometra are more common in elderly entire animals but unfortunately this condition can occur at any stage in life once the animal is sexually mature, as the following patient experienced:

pyometra french bulldog

Nancie’s Story (26/10/22):

Nancie is only 3yrs old and started to feel nauseous and off her food for several days before her visit to Easipetcare. Her abdomen was bloated and she presented with a fever. An ultrasound was performed and confirmed that she had a very severe pyometra.

740grams of infected uterus was surgically removed during the operation & Nancie was placed on fluids for the rest of the day to try and flush out any remaining toxins. Although she was feeling sorry for herself she was very grateful for all the cuddles post op from the nurses. We wish Nancie a speedy recovery! 🥰

dog infected uterus