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Paralympic Superpets

31st August 2016


Dear easipetcare friends,

After Team GB’s outstanding Olympic success and with the Paralympics fast approaching, we want to give a huge shout out to some of our easipetcare SUPERPETS who have made miraculous recoveries after life-changing surgery.


At our Reading practice, vets cared for a lovely little 11-month-old Toy Poodle called Odesser who had a tumble over a box in her back garden and broke her front leg. It was one of the most severe breaks they have had at the practice in a long time!

Odesser’s poor leg had to be amputated, but we are incredibly pleased to share that she came in recently for her final post-op check and she passed with flying colours! Zooming around the consulting room without a care in the world, this is truly a miracle pup!

Our very own Luton Head of Practice, Agnes Szabo, had a terrifying day recently when her cat Miso was run over and had to be admitted for surgery. He severely fractured the bone at the base of his tail which caused it to be permanently paralyzed and in need of amputation.

Nonetheless, after a few days of TLC from his owner we are happy to hear he is doing well. The wound is healing nicely and he is almost back to his normal self. Owner Agnes admits, “he looks like a bunny now but I am glad we fought for him even when the positive outcome wasn’t guaranteed.”

One of our favourite stories of the year is that of 3 year old Golden Retriever Lui and his loving owner Karen. This beautiful young dog endured a hard life before being rescued by a charity and adopted by Karen.

When he finally arrived in her care, Karen was shocked to find Lui covered in scabs and with a severely damaged hind leg. Our team decided that drastic action was needed if Lui was going to enjoy a long and pain-free life…

Due to the skill and care of our team at easipetcare Luton, Lui bounced back in just 1 week – appearing oblivious to his missing leg and more interested in playtime with his owner!

Almost 8 months later, owner Karen has informed us that despite only having 3 legs, Lui now weighs a very healthy 28 kilos, has the most beautiful coat and is the happiest, pain-free doggy we know. Watch a wonderful video of him finding his feet just 1 week after his life-changing operation here.

Best wishes,

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