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Pawrenting Sunday Ideas

10th March 2021

Mother’s Day is coming up soon but just because we aren’t legally allowed to see our hooman Mothers (and we still can’t do anything or go anywhere), it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything at all. If lockdown has taught us anything it’s that we can always count on the unconditional love of our furry friends to get us through hard times ❤ And that’s why we think it’s the pawfect excuse to take a more selfish approach this year by giving yourself a special treat for being such a wonderful cat-mommy or dog-father! After all, there’s nothing better than some much needed self-appreciation! 🤣

Spending time together is something we have learned is very precious so here are some pet-tastic things you can do to make our self-titled “Pawrenting Sunday” one to remember:

mother's day puppy


We’ve all seen the handprint and mould kits parents use on their (human) babies but believe it or not the same exists for pet use! Find a kit online or at your local pet store and use the day to make an adorable memento. Display it proudly beside your most treasured family portraits!

home baking with cat


If you’ve not yet jumped on the 2020 Banana bread bandwagon then today might be the purrfect time to give it a go. And whilst you’re at it why not try your hand at baking your beloved furball a treat or two too! The internet is full of pet-friendly snack recipes, from cakes to biccies – we love these pamper your pet at home recipes.

cute puppy


Best suited to those with dogs although it’s not unusual these days to take house cats out on a leash for some exploring! Mix things up for yourself and your pet by exploring a different area where you live and take your time as there will be plenty of new smells to sniff along the way!


While daily walks and exercise are important for our pets’ health, it’s also important that their minds are stimulated. Take the day to focus on learning something new, no matter how small, and make sure to celebrate every little win for all their hard efforts. There’s a wealth of video tutorials and ideas online and you could even search by breed to get an idea of what your pet is capable of.

Promoting positive behaviour in your pet now is more important than ever, especially after the year we’ve all had locked in our houses. Most ‘bad’ behaviour starts at home, like stealing food from the table or chewing on household items. Boredom affects our pets too and if you’re counting down the minutes until your next meal, imagine how hard it is for your dog… And because you see them every day, it can be difficult to spot when your pet is putting on weight. Find out more about maintaining your pet’s ideal weight here.

Whatever you get up to this Mother’s Day/Pawrenting Sunday we wish you a wonderful day.

With very best wishes,

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