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The Importance of Micro-chipping

26th April 2017

Dear easipetcare friends,

It’s been a year since the new micro-chipping law was put into place and with National Micro-chipping Month just around the corner, we want to encourage all of you lovely, responsible pawrents to make sure your pet’s microchip details are up-to-date! Because sadly there are still lots of untraceable pets out there that could go astray!

Dogs Trust statistics show that more than 43,000 strays were reunited with their owners in 2015-6; a fifth of these as a direct result of a microchip, proving how important micro-chipping is in ensuring lost dogs are reunited with their pawrents. And the sad reality is that this equates to 12 dogs every day at risk of being euthanised because forgetful owners fail to update their microchip details! 🙁 Watch the Dog’s Trust video here #DoggyReunion

So why microchip your pet?
Quite simply, if your precious pet was to become lost or stolen, their microchip gives them the best possibility of finding their way home. Should they be handed into a local vet or council, a quick scan of their microchip should mean a quick return to their family.
In more tragic circumstances, their chip may also provide you with the final chance to say goodbye – something no pet owner would want to miss out on.

The mini microchip
At easipetcare, we recognise that some owners are wary of getting their pet chipped as they see what can be a relatively large needle heading for their loved animal! As a result, we have now introduced the mini microchip at all of our practices, as standard.
As accurate as the normal microchip (this has been tested very successfully in horse micro-chipping), the mini microchip gives you all of the peace of mind, with less of the initial stress! So you can be sure that your pet is getting the very best level of care <3

It’s a legal requirement!
Since May 2016 it’s now a legal requirement for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks to be micro-chipped, but we believe all pets should be! Here are some heartwarming reunion stories to prove how just as  important it is to get your kitty cat chipped too!

At our Streatham practice Maakita was booked in for neutering by a client who had kindly been feeding her as a stray for 4 months and wanted to ensure she didn’t get pregnant and have an unwanted litter.
A routine check of her microchip on admit showed that Maakita was actually Bella(!!!) and had an owner who had been looking for her for over a year! Bella was finally reunited later in the day with her owner; a bit shocked by all the commotion, but none the worse for wear.

Anakin, went missing in November and got brought into our Dartford practice by the lovely people who found him. He was lucky enough to be reunited with his loving family all within 24hrs of going missing thanks to his microchip and his owners keeping all details up to date! 🙂 

We are  happy to chip-check any stray cat that visits you in case a worried owner is missing them.

With best wishes,

Registering your pet has never been so easi!

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