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Pet Passports – The Brexit Impact

19th October 2019

Dear easipetcare friends,

Unfortunately as we are still all very unclear as to what changes 31st October will bring we cannot be certain of any outcome, and can only refer our wonderful pet owners to the DEFRA website for their latest guidance.

Due to the current uncertainty we will not be issuing any new passports at easipetcare until we are clear as to what to advice to pass on to our clients.

Here is the latest statement from DEFRA:

We would like to make you aware of changes that may affect you and your pet when travelling to the EU after Brexit on 31 October 2019. When the UK leaves the EU, health and documentation rules for pets travelling between the UK and the EU will change. The UK Government is advising pet owners to visit a vet at least four months before their travel date to prepare.


If the UK leaves the EU with No Deal, your current UK-issued EU pet passport will not be valid for entry to the EU.

You will need to complete the following steps before travelling with your pet:

  • Get your pet microchipped and ensure your pet’s rabies vaccination is up to date (as now)
  • Return to the vets for a blood test at least 30 days after your pet’s last rabies vaccination to check it has worked
  • Wait three calendar months after a successful blood test before you travel to the EU
  • Return to a vet within ten days of travel for an Animal Health Certificate (AHC)

An AHC is valid for 10 days after its date of issue for entry into the EU. The certificate is valid for onward travel within the EU for four months. Please be aware that you will need a new AHC each time you visit the EU.

If your pet’s vaccinations are kept up to date you will not need to repeat the blood test for each journey.


There will be no change to the current health preparations for pets entering GB from the EU after Brexit.

There will be changes to documents to enter the UK. You can use one of the following documents to return to the UK:

  • An EU pet passport (issued in the EU or in the UK prior to Brexit)
  • The AHC issued in the UK used to travel to the EU (which you can use up to four months after it was issued)
  • A UK Pet Health Certificate (for travel into the UK only)


  • Dogs travelling from the UK to EU-listed tapeworm-free countries (Finland, Republic of Ireland and Malta) must be treated for tapeworm 24 to 120 hours (one to five days) before arriving in one of those countries
  • On arrival in the EU, travellers with pets will need to enter through a designated travellers’ point of entry where you may need to show proof of your pet’s health checks and documentation
  • There are different rules that apply for travel from Northern Ireland. Please check online guidance issued by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Northern Ireland (DAERA-NI) or speak to your vet for more information

We appreciate that this can be a confusing time and whilst we will endeavour to help where we can, the best advice for travelling with your precious pet can be found here:

There is also a dedicated Pet Travel Helpline, contact details are as follows:


Telephone: 0370 241 1710

[available Monday to Friday between 8:30am to 5pm (closed on bank holidays)]

We hope this advisory is useful to you and that Brexit doesn’t affect your future travel plans.

Until next time!

Best Wishes,


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