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Vaccinations – spread the word, not disease!

7th June 2017

Dear easipetcare friends,

I read a worrying article recently about the millions of UK pets at risk of disease following a big drop in vaccinations this year 🙁  So I just had to get involved and spread the word to you all!

Vaccinations save lives – it’s that simple!

But the newest findings from the PDSA reveal that the number of pets being vaccinated across the UK is decreasing and as many as 3 million pets are currently unvaccinated! That’s nearly a third of our pet population at risk from infectious diseases like parvovirus, cat flu and myxomatosis.

Prevention is absolutely the best cure so keeping up to date with your pet’s annual boosters really is vital to your pet’s health.

Let’s make a change together – to vaccinate and protect your fur-friend forever!

With best wishes,

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