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The Real Cost of Your Pet

23rd August 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

It is no secret that owning a pet can be an expensive investment, and it’s not hard to see how easily pet owners can be blind sighted by the real cost of those puppy dog eyes… which is why we at easipetcare pride ourselves on delivering excellent service at affordable prices.

A recent report by credit comparison site TotallyMoney showed that most pet owners underestimate their pets’ annual cost with the average spend coming in at a whopping £475 per year! And with an increase of 25% in the past 5 years, pet owners are more willing than ever to splash out on their beloved creature comforts; from toys and grooming, to dog walkers and fashion; it’s no real surprise given the influence of social media platforms Instagram and Twitter encouraging owners to show off their pampered pets!

So which pet ranked in highest as the UK’s most expensive? We think you’ll find the results quite surprising! By taking into account the average lifespan and analysing the average cost of a pet’s products and services, TotallyMoney has revealed the UK’s most expensive pets are:

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the much-loved goldfish is officially the UK’s most cost-effective pet, but if like us you love a pet with a bit more sense of humour, then investing in a pet with the right vets and care package doesn’t have to break the bank.

Our philosophy at easipetcare is simple and provides our pet owners with great service at unbeatable prices so that you won’t have to sacrifice the equivalent of a deposit on a house for your beloved cat, dog or… tortoise! (But at least the latter comes with its own roof over its head 😉

With veterinary fees topping the pet cost scales, we have created some unrivalled pet care plans and prices that are worth every penny.

To work out how much your pet could cost you over its lifetime visit TotallyMoney’s interactive pet calculator but remember that with an easipetcare plan we can save you money!

Best wishes,

Judy. xxx

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