The benefits of taking your dog to work

Have you ever considered asking your boss to bring your dog in every once in a while to see the benefits of having a four-legged friend around the workplace? If not, here are 4 proven benefits to persuade your boss… you can thank us later 🙂

  • Decreases in stress – tested & proven by many studies so no one can argue against this!
  • Increased job satisfaction – thanks to the comfortable environment of having a pet around.
  • Increased communication – employees interact more with each other when there’s a dog around, often getting involved with dog walking and playtime.
  • Mental break – playing with a dog for 10 minutes can be a welcomed break, helping employees manage their workload better.

If these don’t help you get your furry friend to work then there are plenty of apps and pet spy cameras to stay connected to your pet at home!

If you’ve already managed to seal the deal and your pet is now the office mascot, then here are some top tips for taking your dog into work!

Having a pet around the workplace is proven to boost morale and increase productivity. Survey findings have shown that people who take their dogs to work are less stressed as those who didn’t… but that’s no surprise to any proud pawrent!

If your pooch is lucky enough to have you by your side at work each day, here are the Blue Cross’ top tips for taking your dog to work.

  • Keep your dog under proper control at all times
  • Check insurance and health and safety implications and make sure that any requirements are followed
  • Check your own insurance and/or pet insurance and ensure it provides adequate cover for damage to third party property or injury to third parties (including fellow employees!)
  • Make sure your dog is house trained, but be prepared for little accidents!
  • Watch out for signs of stress – are they panting lots or licking their lips?
  • Make sure there is a quiet and comfy place for them to relax
  • Ensure they always have access to fresh water
  • Don’t forget walkies (and poo bags)!

We can guarantee that having your pooch by your side will make both you and them happier 🙂