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Spring Watch – Poisonous Blooms

23rd February 2021

Dear easipetcare friends,

Spring is a colourful, fresh and all round lovely time of year – there’s no denying that!
But as the birds begin chirping and the flowers begin to blossom, your four-legged friend could end up in some serious danger if they come into contact with the wrong plant or flower. Here are some blooms to be especially wary of as Springtime approaches:


Daffodils are toxic to dogs and cats, and you should be careful if you have them growing on your lawn or if you’re walking your dog through a field that’s full of them. Daffodils contain small crystals that can cause severe tissue irritation.


Okay, so these are less likely to be dotted all over your lawn, but do take care if you’re planning to plant tulips in the garden. The most poisonous part of a tulip is the bulb, so your dog can become ill if they’re digging up your prized flowers while they’re still underground.


Lilies are particularly toxic to cats. The pollen gets onto their skin when they’re playing out in the garden, and they ingest it when they come to clean themselves later on. Even a small ingestion can cause serious kidney problems in cats, which can be fatal if left untreated.


Buttercups are toxic to dogs, cats and horses. If you have buttercups growing in your garden, be mindful that the pollen may get on your dog or cat’s fur when they’re out playing, and they could ingest it by cleaning their own paws.

Common symptoms for flower & plant poising are:

• Loss of appetite
• Lethargy
• Nausea
• Drooling
• Vomiting
• Dehydration
• Diarrhoea
• Increased or decreased urination

If your pet displays any symptoms, or if you know they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t, you should contact your vet right away.

Until next time, with very best wishes,

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