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Taking Action This World Spay Day!

22nd February 2016

Dear easipetcare friends,

Tomorrow is National Spay Day and so it feels quite fitting to talk to you today about kitten neutering! I have covered this topic before but it is so important I thought you might like to read the latest on this subject area 😀

The PDSA have released their annual Animal Wellbeing report (PAW Report 2015) which makes for a very interesting read. One statistic that stood out for me was the fact that only 15% of kitten litters in the UK are planned – meaning over 750,000 kittens are born every year who were not planned for (RSPCA statistic)!

Unfortunately we know that many of these little fur balls will end up in cat shelters, rescue homes and adoption centres, joining the thousands of adult cats already residing there… Needless to say, this problem does need to be addressed.

That’s where World Spay Day comes in! A day for pet lovers and pet care professionals to promote the benefits of neutering, and in most cases, early neutering!

The Cats Protection run a fantastic scheme to ensure as many people as possible across the UK are able to afford to neuter their beloved cats and kittens (find out about the financial assistance they offer here). In reference to the statistic that 85% of kitten litters are unplanned, they explain that many cat owners are getting caught out because “they did not realise their cats could get pregnant at less than six months of age – while still kittens themselves”. What’s more, they also comment that “many cat owners believe that female cats should be allowed to have a litter of kittens before they are spayed, but this isn’t true – it’s just an old wives’ tale”.

It’s time to bust some myths and take some action!

At easipetcare we fully support early neutering and back Cats Protection’s campaign to encourage owners to spay from 4 months of age – simply avoiding the physical and emotional trauma of an unwanted litter for both the cat and their owner.

It is also important to ensure male cats are neutered. Not only can it prevent diseases, it also reduces the chance of injuries sustained through dominance fighting acitivity and can also ensure the awful spraying infoors trait is stopped!

There really is no reason to not neuter your cat, and at easipetcare we help by making sure neutering is affordable for all! Visit your nearest practice to see how little it would cost.

So take action this World Spay Day and help us to promote responsible cat ownership 😀

With very best wishes,

Judy. xxx

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