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The Benefits of Working from Home with your Pets

17th April 2020

Dear easipetcare friends,

Many of us have swapped our offices and the daily commute for a makeshift ‘work from home’ (or ‘#WFH’) arrangement. Face to face interaction with colleagues at the water cooler or in the break room just Isn’t A Thing at the moment in a national effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Whilst we (probably) miss our colleagues, there are a number of benefits to enjoy as a result of working at home with our new cuddly coworkers.

Pets can help with anxiety

After a stressful conference call, a rushed deadline, or perhaps a morning of feeling particularly disconnected, a tea break with the cat allows for some much needed mindfulness: there’s something about the simplicity of just being with a pet. In addition, several personal accounts on reflect on the positive impacts pets have on mental health. For example, dog lover Will said: ‘Just the simple touch of his fur was enough to leave me feeling much calmer than I was before.’

Pets can reduce loneliness

During prolonged periods of staying home, it’s easy to feel a little lonely. At times like these, our pets provide valuable companionship and might provide the extra motivation needed to stick to a routine. Remember: if you don’t currently have a pet and you’re thinking about getting one, it’s important to consider if you’re able to commit to looking after it when things return to normal. 

Many pets are currently having a great time

Our cats and dogs are, of course, LOVING all of this extra time with the most important humans in their lives – having us around all day is a dream come true. At the moment, it’s comforting to recognise that our pets are feeling extra loved and that their world is also our world. And let’s face it, they are likely to be getting an extra treat every now and then too…

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You might be getting extra exercise

Playing with the cat or taking the dog out for a daily walk will be keeping you a little more active than you might ordinarily be during the work day. Moving our bodies and getting some Vitamin D is only going to be a good thing. 

Pets are natural comedians

Day in, day out, our pets provide us with a much needed laugh. Cats will strive to join in on that conference call, dragging their tails across your face as they swagger across your keyboard. And maybe the dog has been promoted to your Executive Assistant after showing great potential when alerting you that the shopping has arrived?

Take care – from everyone at easipetcare

We’d love to see your photos of your new colleagues – send pet pictures our way and we’ll share them on our social media channels.

With very best wishes,

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