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Top of the Pets 2017

5th January 2018

Dear easipetcare friends,

We saw a total of 65,000 pets last year, but who came out on top in 2017!?

Across our 8 practices we see lots of pets each year, mostly furry, but a few finned, feathered and even scaly ones have come through our doors to see one of our friendly vets… but just how many exactly?

So as you can see, our vets handle a very large variety of species!

But now that we’ve discovered which species you’re most crazy about, we’re interested to know more about our Top 2!

So there it is, our 2017 Top of the Pets! And what a truly petastic year it’s been!

We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful fur-friends again this year and can’t wait to make new ones!

Best wishes for 2018!

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