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Why use preventative flea treatment?

27th October 2016

Flea treatments guard against: fleas, mites and hookworm.

We all know fleas are a nuisance! They make our pets and us itch, and they can be a real struggle to eliminate once you have them.

Fleas can also be the bearers of tapeworm eggs which is why we recommend treating for both fleas and worms year round. Fleas can be picked up from the environment, from socialising with other pets and even brought in by you!

Fleas live in carpets, flooring and anywhere there is a nook or cranny where they feel safe. Fleas will hop on your pet for lunch and then hop off, so if you find a flea on your pet there will undoubtedly be more in your home. Treating a home with flea spray can be costly so prevention is far better than cure.

Our flea treatments are given once a month on the back of the neck. Again this can be done by you at home and we are happy to provide you with a few months’ worth at a time providing we see your pet every 6 months or so for a health check.

Our aim is that your pet receives the best possible year-round care and so we hope you will come to see us to receive a free* flea and worm check so that we can provide you with treatments.

*The check is free, any medication required will be charged to you.

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