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Why should you worm your pet?

27th October 2016

Worming your pet guards against: Tape Worm, Round Worm, Hook Worm.

Did you know? An infestation of worms in your pet can cause:

•Weight loss and being visibly underweight
• Worms in faeces, vomit, or around the anus
• Bottom scooting
• Hunger
• Flaky skin
• Dull coat
• Diarrhoea
• Vomiting.
• Coughing
• Skin disease
• Constipation
• Breathing difficulties
• Recurring infections
• Lethargy, weakness, or swelling of the limbs

Furthermore, in the worst circumstances, worms can cause blindness in children or miscarriage in pregnant women.
Our worming tablets are given once every 3 months for adult cats and dogs. This can be done by you at home without having the stress of bringing them to the surgery each time providing we see your pet every 6 months or so for a health check.

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