Your 365 Pet Care Plan

Essential healthcare paid for monthly

Caring for your pet’s health 365 days a year!

Essential care paid for in low, monthly instalments!

Welcome to our 365 Pet Care Plan - covering all of your precious pet’s essential healthcare needs. Plus it's amazing value for just £0.50* max. per day! (*based on the dog plan)

NEW for 2022/2023! Home delivery for flea and worming products is now included for cats and dogs! 


You could be saving over £300 every year!


Our amazing value 365 Pet Care Plan provides you with an affordable way to spread the cost of your pet’s essential healthcare throughout the year – giving you complete peace of mind.


In fact, you could save OVER £300 EVERY YEAR! From our plan essentials covering all of your pet’s core healthcare needs, to our fantastic REWARDS maximising the amount you could save!


NEW for 2022/23! Home delivery!

With our new home delivery service you don't have to worry about picking up your pet's monthly flea and worming treatments - as we'll deliver them straight to your home, whenever they're due! 


Now that really is "easi"!! Not only does this save you valuable travel time (and money!) it will also ensure your pet is always protected against these nasty critters.


Home delivery will begin 1 month after you've been in to visit us for the first time as a new VIP 365 Pet Care Plan member. 

What is included?

Our plan essentials provide your pet with the very best essential healthcare cover:

  • Primary vaccine course (puppies & kittens)
  • Annual Booster** & health check
  • Kennel cough vaccination (dogs only)
  • Flea treatments as required (dogs & cats only)
  • Worming treatments as required (dogs & cats only)
  • Fly Strike protection as required (rabbits only)
  • Parasite protection as required (rabbits only)
  • RHD1 & RHD2 vaccines (rabbits only)
  • 6 month nurse health check
  • Free microchip or £10 voucher

Even if you only redeem your plan essentials you'll save up to £271 (for a rabbit plan) and £177 for a dog plan!  That's without the huge savings gained from our exclusive 365 REWARDS!

Exclusive 365 REWARDS

Not only do we cover all of your precious pet’s essential healthcare, you also gain exclusive access to our amazing 365 REWARDS – offering you unbeatable value for money!

  • Neutering discount - 20% off
  • Dental discount - 10% off
  • Lifetime meds discount‡ - 20% off
  • Nurse wellness screenings - 25% off
  • Annual urine test - FREE
  • Anal gland expressions - FREE
  • Nail clips - FREE
  • 1st bag of Purina food - 50% OFF!!
  • Purina food discount - 25% OFF!!
  • Insurance Admin fee - FREE
  • In-practice pet shop sales - 10% off

Our rewards savings for the 1st year add up to £311 for a dog! Check out our Cost Saving Calculator below to see exactly how much you could save!

Puppy and kitten plans


Primary vaccines are included for puppies and kittens (under 1 year of age). If you are signing up a puppy or kitten under 9 months of age please select the puppy/kitten plan. Home delivery for flea and worming will start after 9 months of age, until then you will need to come in to collect their monthly flea and worming - this is because we need to check their weight and that they are fully grown before prescribing the appropriate dosage for their flea and worming for home delivery.  

365 Plan Prices

Start saving immediately with our small monthly payments!


As soon as you join our 365 Pet Care Plan you start saving money… so what are you waiting for?


Our prices include home delivery for flea and worming products - so that you don't have to worry about a thing!

Dogs £15.50 including home delivery!
Cats £13.50 including home delivery!
Rabbits £10.50

Cost Savings Calculator

View our cost savings calculator here to see exactly how much you could save on our 365 Plan!


You really need to see it to belive it!

view here

Fantastic dog parasite product included:

 This amazing product is a simple, monthly product that protects against the 4 key parasite threats (fleas, ticks, lungworm and roundworm) in a single, tasty chew – Yum! And the best thing about it… just one chew kills fleas and ticks for an entire month!

You now only need to give your dog this chew once a month. No other products are needed to protect against the 4 main parasite threats, making it easy for you to protect your dog and your family.

Using a chew means that your dog can be stroked and cuddled straight away, plus swimming or bathing won’t affect the treatment working.🐾

The chew is tasty and can be given without food, in fact many dogs will take it as a treat! This means you can be confident that the full dose has always been given. Not only does each beef flavoured chew provide an entire month’s protection, they’re easy to give to your dog because they’ll love the taste! We are sure that your pet will love this new treatment just as much as you’ll love the convenience! Please note that you will still need your 3 monthly tapeworm treatment as usual.

Sign-up now!

What are you waiting for?!  It’s a quick & easi 2-step process:

1) Pay for the 1st month on our website, and then

2) Fill in your Direct Debit details.

IMPORTANT!! Please make sure you follow the full 2-step sign up process. Direct Debit – Please select today’s date for your chosen DD collection date to ensure this starts from NEXT MONTH as you will have just paid us directly for the first month. Our Direct Debit collection company Premier Vet Alliance will then process 11 monthly payments

Dog 365 Plan

Dog 365 Plan

£15.50 per month

Cat 365 Plan

Cat 365 Plan

£13.50 per month

Rabbit 365 Plan

Rabbit 365 Plan

£10.50 per month

Complete Online Sign-up

Complete Online Sign-up

If you have already paid for the 1st month but weren't able to complete the 2nd step of the sign-up process, click on this link to enter your Direct Debit details.



We would like to inform exisiting clients of some important changes that came into effect from 1st November 2022. 

Download leaflet

For more information download the 365 Pet Care Plan leaflet and contact us with any questions you may have.


Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply – please see our 365 T&Cs here.  Additional Direct Debit and cancellation T&Cs can be found here.

†savings based on dog redeeming all essiential plan items and REWARDS. Individual client savings can be calculated in practice - or see our cost saving sheet.

‡Subject to clinical diagnosis and limited to specific medication.

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