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Meet Peanut! Chief Operating Woof-icer at Streatham!

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Procedures and Services

We have no hidden extras and all prices shown are including VAT.


From £30

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We can vaccinate dogs from 6 weeks of age, cats from 9 weeks of age and small furries from 5 weeks of age. Your precious pet will also be given a basic health check to ensure they are fit and healthy for their vaccination.

Kitten’s 1st vaccinations

2 injections required (price per injection)


Cats’ annual booster


Puppy’s 1st vaccinations

2 injections required (price per injection)


Dogs’ annual booster


Kennel cough vaccination


Rabbit vaccination

Myxomatosis and Haemorrhagic disease (VHD1)


Rabbit vaccination

VHD2 – 1 vaccination every year


Rabbit vaccination

Combined - Myxomatosis, VHD1 & VHD2


Rabies vaccination

Read more about vaccinating your pet here


From £49

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Our prices are all-inclusive, there are no hidden costs!

Cat castration


Dog castration (up to 25kgs)


Dog castration (25 to 45kgs)


Dog castration (over 45kgs)


Cat spay


Bitch spay (up to 25kgs)


Bitch spay (25 to 45kgs)


Bitch spay (over 45kgs)


Rabbit spay


Rabbit castration


Guinea pig castration


Ferret castration


Ferret vasectomy


Ferret spay


All surgical procedures are by appointment, and prices include; premed, general anaesthetic, antibiotic injection, Metacam injection, Metacam liquid to go home with (except the boy cats who only need an injection), post operative checks and stitch removal.

Learn more about neutering here

Flea & worm

From £7.86

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Flea Treatment - various products available.

Price per pipette

Dog (up to 4kg)

from £8.02

Dog (4kg to 10kg)

from £8.75

Dog (10kg to 25kg)

from £9.70

Dog (25kg to 40kg)

from £11.88

Cat (up to 4kg)

from £7.86

Cat(4kg to 8kg)

from £8.05

Worm treatment - various products available. Please discuss the best option for your precious pet with one of our vets

Read more about fleas, worms & parasites here



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Consultations are all carried out by our talented vets and incredible nurses. 365 Pet Care Plan customers receive 50% off all vet consults and unlimited FREE nurse consults!

In-Practice Consultations


Video and Telephone Consultations

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Nurse consults


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*Please note that additional services may be recommended with a vet which will incur an extra cost. Dependent on your pet’s condition, we may need to advise you to see a vet which will incur a vet consultation fee.


Healthcare Plans

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