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Meet Peanut! Chief Operating Woof-icer at Streatham!

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Your Streatham team

You can count on a warm welcome from our team in Streatham, managed by our lovely Practice Princial, Julie.


Julie Knapton

Practice Principal (Reading & Streatham)

Julie has a background in International Removals and Shipping Management, but has always felt a strong pull into animal care so made the change when easipetcare Streatham opened up.

She has a passion for rabbit welfare, wildlife and walking. Julie’s favourite animal is a rabbit but find out more in Julie’s Q&A here.


Chief Operating Woof-icer

Flea is the oldest, and leader of a pack of 5 dogs and despite his age he can still give them a good run for their money! Although often mistaken for a Husky, he’s actually a mix of Husky, German Shepherd and Malamute.  He is often seen at the practice just hanging out by reception lapping up the attention from his admirers and helping ease their nerves. He’s a carboholic just like his human servant Layla who mans our reception desk.



Here’s what our ex-employee thinks of us

Anton (Head Nurse)

“I think, easipetcare is the best place to develop new skills. For me it was to have an opportunity being head nurse, working with talented people, to feel part of big family and sharing my own knowledge with others.

I hope a new employee will receive something special for themselves, with which they can be proud to work for easipetcare.”

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