The Benefits of Neutering

Dear easipetcare friends,

Each year on the 3rd Saturday of Dogust (August) the world pet community celebrate International Homeless Animals Day. This year it’s on 18th August celebrating a special 27th year anniversary.

This impawtant day is celebrated all across the world together in over 50 different countries and 6 continents saving millions of animals’ lives. It’s a day dedicated to the awareness of a tragedy that affects all communities across the world: Dog and cat overpopulation and the urgent need for neutering and adoption programs.

That’s why we cat and dog lovers at easipetcare believe that an essential part of being a responsible pet owner is getting your precious pet neutered before he or she can breed.
Without neutering, the UK’s cat and dog populations can quickly get out of control which is sadly what’s happening in and around our cities and especially in London right now :(.

There are already thousands of unwanted Kitty Cats out there without a loving home or family to care for them, but we believe this could be prevented if owners neutered their new four-legged family members.

Neutering is a humane way of tackling the current ‘Cat Crisis’ and we want to encourage all of our cat owners to get on board with fixing this cat-astrophic problem. Overpopulation increases infectious disease and compromises your pets’ welfare… so let’s work together on making our home and country a more pawspurrous place!

Top 5 Benefits of Neutering:

  • Neutering prevents females coming into season, when they may attract unwanted male attention, become pregnant or have false pregnancies.
  • Neutering prevents the risk of testicular cancer in males and uterus infections and cancers in females.
  • Animals don’t respect family relationships – siblings will mate. This increases the risk of offspring with birth defects and deformities.
  • Neutering animals can reduce the risk of them being stolen for breeding.
  • Vet fees for problems during or after pregnancy and birth can be expensive. Offspring might need veterinary attention too.

We are showing our support by offering neutering services at truly affordable prices – ensuring as many pet owners as possible are able to protect their precious family members whilst also helping the issue of stray cat and dog populations. We also have special offer prices for kittens aged 12-20 weeks!

The idea of having your tiny new bundle of fluff go through an operation can be terrifying but at easipetcare we can assure you that our experienced and caring vets will make the experience as comfortable as possible for your precious pet. The operation for both males and females is very simple so there really is no reason to worry and at easipetcare you will be able to drop your precious pet off and pick them back up on the same day!

Until next time,

Best wishes,