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Five things to consider when getting a puppy

24th March 2021

Five things to consider when getting a puppy

Puppies are cute, fluffy, cuddly and often small enough to fit in the palm of your hand when you first lay eyes on them! While pups tend to stay cute, fluffy and cuddly as they grow older, many don’t stay little for long.

The saying goes that “a puppy is not just for Christmas, it’s for life.” There has never been a truer statement, especially so in the last year with the rise in lockdown puppies.

So, to celebrate National Puppy Day this month we’re sharing our advice for the top things to consider when you’re thinking of bringing a gorgeous new puppy into your home.

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  1. Why do you want to buy a puppy?

It might seem like a simple question but what is the real reason you’re getting a puppy? Is it because your kids have begged you for months to get one? Is it for company? Or simply because you’ve longed for one for a long time and now seems the right time?

It’s important to make sure you’ve thought long and hard about the entire process and not just the early puppy days. Although pups are adorable to look at, the puppy phase is notoriously hard work. Settling a puppy into their new surroundings, being willing to train them and walk them regularly are just a few of the many things to consider.

  1. What type of puppy do you want?

Choosing the right puppy for you, your family and lifestyle can be a hard decision to make as there are thousands of types of breeds out there. You might know from the offset the type of puppy you would like; perhaps it’s a breed you grew up with or one that you have a close affiliation to.

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If you’re not sure, it’s important to do your research the breed you want. Find out about a breed’s personality-type, if they shed or are hypoallergenic, if they have any known associated health conditions and what their exercise requirements are. For example, Beagle’s are known to be fun, loving pets which easily makes new friends, Greyhounds are known to be great family dogs and Springer Spaniel’s are energetic breeds that love spending time outdoors and going on long walks.

  1. Do you have the time and energy to look after a puppy?

Puppies are energetic, require lots of attention and can sometimes be boisterous as they learn to navigate their new homes and surroundings. Puppies can maintain these characteristics as they grow older, and all dogs require lots of love and attention, always!  As much as adding a dog to a household brings so much excitement and extra love to a family, you have to be prepared to be committed to be a dog mom. It really is like having a new child to bring up and they require your patience. Are you also up for the challenge of walking your dog several times a day, no matter the weather? Read more about our tips for happy dog walks.

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  1. Have you considered the cost of a puppy?

The financial impact of getting a puppy can soon add up. Not only do you need to consider making sure healthy meals available for them but you’ll need to take into account pet insurance, veterinary bills, dog grooming, any toys and treats, a collar and lead and those all-important doggie bags to keep our streets and parks clean.

  1. Are you willing to adapt your lifestyle for a pup?

From the minute you bring your pup home, he or she will rely on you for it’s every need. You’ll need to be prepared to put the time and effort into training your pup, ensuring it has a balanced diet, that the dog gets the exercise it needs and has a comfortable space in the house to call it’s own.

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Adapting to your new dog-lifestyle will also mean being mindful of how often you’re out of the house during the day (no dog, especially a pup should be left for a long period of time on their own) and consider who will look after the dog if you go on vacation and how much of an integral part your fur-baby will play in your day-to-day life.

Above all, it’s such an exciting time and if you’re planning on getting a new puppy soon then we wish you the very best of luck! Check out our guide on the first year of your new pup’s life to get your doggy-journey started.

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